Process Philosophy and Political Ideology

The Social and Political Thought of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne

By Randall C. Morris

Subjects: Process Philosophy
Paperback : 9780791404164, 289 pages, January 1991
Hardcover : 9780791404157, 289 pages, January 1991

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Table of contents



PART ONE: Introduction

1. An Introduction: Process and Politics

PART TWO: The Metaphysical Systems

2. Freedom and Causality in Whitehead's Philosophy

3. Freedom and Causality in Hartshorne's Process Philosophy

PART THREE: Process Philosophy and Political Theory

4. The Individual and Society

5. Freedom, Equality, and the Ideal of Democracy

6. State Intervention and International Relations: The Use of Coercive Force

7. Process Philosophy and Social Development

8. Conclusion: Toward a Political Theology


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This book fills a significant gap in current process scholarship by providing a detailed exposition of Whitehead's and Hartshorne's social and political writings, reconstructing their ideological commitments in depth, and placing them in their historical context. It focuses on four areas of inquiry: the individual and society; the ideals of freedom, equality, and democracy; the use of coercive force within and between societies; and the theory of social progress. As each feature of their political though is examined, Morris shows how Whitehead's and Hartshorne's political commitments are reflected in their metaphysical principles.

Randall C. Morris is Lecturer in Modern Theology in the Department of Religion Studies at Texas Christina University.


"It is a novel analytical approach to process though, with important consequences for philosophical and theological discussions. The conclusion certainly will be controversial, especially in theological discussion. " — Delwin Brown, Iliff School of Theology