Process Philosophy

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The Touch of the Present

Explores the importance of the body and the senses in educational encounters, drawing out the aesthetic and political dimensions of educational practices.

Process Mysticism

Offers a process philosophical approach to mysticism and mystical religious experience.

God the Created

Develops a creative and provocative new model of God that brings together insights from both process theology and ground-of-being theology.

American Aesthetics

Proposes a distinctly American approach to aesthetic judgment and practice.

The Real Metaphysical Club

A full account of the Metaphysical Club, featuring the members’ philosophical writings and four critical essays.

A History of the Concept of God

A history of the concept of God through the lens of process thought.

Mothership Connections

Contributes a black Atlantic perspective to postmodernism, theology, and metaphysics.

Whitehead's Philosophy

Demonstrates myriad points of connection between Whitehead's philosophy and mainstream philosophical traditions.

Creative Experiencing

A vigorous and wide-ranging defense of Hartshorne’s “neoclassical metaphysics” of creative freedom.

Nature and Logos

Exploration of Alfred North Whitehead's influence on Maurice Merleau-Ponty's ontology of nature.

Process Approaches to Consciousness in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Philosophy of Mind

Opens a dialogue between process philosophy and contemporary consciousness studies.

Marx and Whitehead

A reading of Marx's critique of capitalism through the lens of process philosophy.

Panpsychism and the Religious Attitude

By D. S. Clarke
Subjects: Philosophy

Defends panpsychism, the view that mentality is present in all natural bodies with unified and persisting organization.

Coming to Be

Synthesizes Thomistic and Whiteheadian metaphysics.

The City

By Joseph Grange
Subjects: Philosophy

An environmental philosophy of the contemporary city, this book develops a theory of good urban growth involving both the physical and cultural dimensions of city life.

The Recovery of Philosophy in America

This collection of essays by leading American philosophers honors John E. Smith, a major figure in the struggle for the American profession of philosophy to redefine itself and return to its grander traditions.

Analytic Theism, Hartshorne, and the Concept of God

Initiates and continues a dialogue regarding the concept of God in the neoclassical philosophy of Charles Hartshorne and that found in analytic philosophers who adhere to classical theism.

Process Philosophy and Political Ideology

This book fills a significant gap in current process scholarship by providing a detailed exposition of Whitehead's and Hartshorne's social and political writings, reconstructing their ideological commitments ...