Remaining in Light

Ant Meditations on a Painting By Edward Hopper

By John Taggart

Subjects: Continental Philosophy
Series: SUNY series, The Margins of Literature
Paperback : 9780791415061, 143 pages, August 1993
Hardcover : 9780791415054, 143 pages, August 1993

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Meditation 1

Meditation 2

Meditation 3

Meditation 4

Slight Return



This is the first sustained, critical examination of the work of Edward Hopper, a major twentieth-century American painter. It is a sequence of meditations on his painting "A Woman in the Sun." Each meditation, informed by Derrida's conception of the supplement, is about both the painting and about the nature of the reading process.

John Taggart is Professor of English and Director of the Interdisciplinary Arts Program at Shippensburg University. He is the author of Loop.


"It is a compelling investigation of a 'problem' largely neglected by contemporary poets, critics, and theorists—that of the spiritual, and the representation of the spiritual in art. Taggart couches his investigation in a mode that mixes art criticism, poetics and aesthetics, and philosophy, and shows a strong sense of what contemporary and traditional perspectives might have to say to each other. The fact that Taggart is dealing with issues central to his own poetry gives the book an added urgency." — Alan Golding, University of Louisville

"Taggart presents a sophisticated phenomenology of reading; his writing remains personal while well-informed by recent developments in critical theory. As both a personal and philosophical record of a sustained reading, Taggart's work is noteworthy (and praiseworthy) for his non-suppression of the personal and for the honesty of his reading." — Hank Lazer, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa