Rethinking Power

Edited by Thomas E. Wartenberg

Subjects: Women's Studies
Series: SUNY series in Radical Social and Political Theory
Paperback : 9780791408827, 353 pages, July 1992
Hardcover : 9780791408810, 353 pages, July 1992

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Table of contents

Introduction, by Thomas E. Wartenberg

1. Power and Powers: A Dialogue Between Buff and Rebuff
Amelie Oksenberg Rorty

2. New Faces of Power
Terence Ball

3. Beyond the Three Faces of Power: A Realist Critique
Jeffrey C. Isaac

4. Games Theory and Power Theory: A Critical Comparison
Wolfgang Balzer

5. Situated Social Power
Thomas E. Wartenberg

6. The Rhetoric of Domination
Timo Airaksinen

7. The Critique of Impure Reason: Foucault and the Frankfurt School
Thomas McCarthy

8. More on Power/Knowledge
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

9. Five Faces of Oppression
Iris Marion Young

10. The Political Economy of Contested Exchange
Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis

11. Power, Scientific Research, and Self-Censorship
Howard McGary

12. Women and Power
Jean Baker Miller

13. Gender and Sexuality: Masculinity, Violence, and Domination
Nancy C. M. Hartsock

14. Masculine Identity and the Desire for War: A Study in the Sickness of Power
Roger S. Gottlieb


Selected Bibliography

Notes on Contributors


The authors represent the cutting edge of current research into the concept of power. Among the topics discussed are power in social theory, feminist conceptions of power, power and sexuality, modes of oppression and domination, the significance of Foucault's theory of power, and power in market transactions. Included are contributions by Amelie Oksenberg Rorty, Terence Ball, Jeffrey Isaac, Thomas McCarthy, Gayatri Spivak, Iris Marion Young, Jean Baker Miller, Nancy C. M. Hartsock, Samuel Bowles, Herbert Gintis, and Roger S. Gottlieb.

Thomas E. Wartenberg is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Mount Holyoke College. He is the author of The Forms of Power: From Domination to Transformation.


"The topic of power is one that brings together many of the most exciting contemporary intellectual discourses. This collection as a whole, by its diversity, demonstrates the complexity and multiple ramifications of the topic. The list of contributors is extremely impressive, as is the range of perspectives and disciplines they bring to the topic. These are well known, highly respected scholars who represent such diverse approaches as analytic philosophy, critical theory, feminist theory, economic theory, and psychological theory. My sense is that this anthology is going to be a very big seller." — Linda Nicholson, State University of New York at Albany

"There are quite a few books on the nature of power, but none to my knowledge that collect such a diverse group of essays by well-known scholars. This book is a collection of original, persuasive, and very well written essays. Unlike many collections on a single subject, Wartenberg's includes only essays that focus directly and exclusively on the subject matter. This book will be very useful to those who teach political theory, as well as to feminist scholars." — Marion Smiley, University of Wisconsin