SUNY series in Radical Social and Political Theory

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Civilizing Globalization, Revised and Expanded Edition

Discusses the many facets of globalization and its feasible reform in easy-to-understand language.

Marxism and Ethics

Accessible introduction to key thinkers of Marxist theory and the debate on the nature of Marxist ethics.

Radical Ecopsychology, Second Edition

Expanded new edition of a classic examination of the psychological roots of our ecological crisis.

Radicalizing Levinas

Levinas ahead of his time--and himself--on politics, postcolonialism and globalization, animals and the environment, and science and technology.

Deep History

Blends insights from several disciplines to offer a general theory of social evolution.

Coping in Politics with Indeterminate Norms

Argues that social equity and legal justice are possible even in the absence of universal political norms.

Foundations and Public Policy

Documents how even progressive foundations serve to reinforce the political status quo.

Deep Ecology and World Religions

Parallels and contrasts values from world religions and those proposed by the environmental perspective of deep ecology.

Bodies of Meaning

Challenges postmodernist theories of language and politics which detach language from human bodies and their material practices.

Technology and Capital in the Age of Lean Production

The first defense of Marxian political economy against the common interest claims of "lean production. "

Specters of Liberation

Advocates a new existential and political coalition among critical and postmodern social theorists and among critical gender, race, and class theorists, in dissent from the New World Order, to raise specters of liberation and empower radical democratic change.

Too Cheap to Meter

Uses concepts from social theory to explore the history and future of nuclear power in the U. S. and to explore the nature of technological change in the U. S. economy.

Without a Woman to Read

A philosophical questioning of reading and writing that focuses on metaphors of women and women's roles in our cultural and intellectual heritage.

Politics in the impasse

Develops a radical politics of community that engages with practical issues such as the Gulf War and the 1992 uprisings in Los Angeles, set against the context of postmodern capitalism.

The Owl at Dawn

A present-day continuation of the philosophical narrative presented in G.W.F. Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit that confronts every major post-Hegelian philosophical position and arrives at an original reconception of the purpose of dialectical phenomenology.

The Trace of Political Representation

A philosophical analysis of the discourses, practices, and effects of representation in political institutions, focusing on American democracy.

Intellectuals and the Crisis of Modernity

This book explores the role of intellectuals in politics and social change from traditional society to the present. Its theoretical structure is based upon six distinct types of intellectual activity. ...

Dialectical Social Theory and Its Critics

Establishes that dialectical social theory retains practical importance today and is, in fact, crucial to interdisciplinary attempts to construct a viable theory of the social world.

Matrix and line

A comprehensive attempt to assess the politics of deconstruction and the deconstruction of modernist politics.

Rethinking Power

The authors represent the cutting edge of current research into the concept of power. Among the topics discussed are power in social theory, feminist conceptions of power, power and sexuality, modes of ...

Crimes by the Capitalist State

Crimes by the Capitalist State systematically examines a broad spectrum of state criminality including state terrorism, torture and murder, drug smuggling and arms trafficking, espionage and surveillance, ...

Seeing Films Politically

In this bold political rethinking of contemporary film theory, Zavarzadeh overturns the dominant concepts that fetishize film as a work of art or simple entertainment. He demonstrates how aesthetic notions ...

Global Capitalism

How have global markets and global manufacturing changed the balance of social, economic and political power? With this volume Ross and Trachte challenge existing political-economic theory. In concise ...