Ritual and Speculation in Early Tantrism

Studies in Honor of Andre Padoux

Edited by Teun Goudriaan

Subjects: Hindu Studies
Series: SUNY series in Tantric Studies
Paperback : 9780791408988, 359 pages, May 1992
Hardcover : 9780791408971, 359 pages, June 1992

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Table of contents


Teun Goudraan
Publications by André Padoux

Chapter 1 Jnana and Kriya : Relation between Theory and Practice in the Saivagamas
Hélène Brunner
Chapter 2 On Purascarana : Kularnavatantra, Chapter 15
Gudrun Bühnemann
Chapter 3 Becoming a Siva , and Acting as One in Saiva Worship
Richard H. Davis
Chapter 4 "Having Become a God, He Should Sacrifice to the Gods"
Vrajavallabha Dviveda
Chapter 5 The Stages of Awakening in the Svacchanda-tantra
Teun Goudriaan
Chapter 6 Yoga and Antaryaga in Pancaratra
Sanjukta Gupta
Chapter 7 Pasupata Studies (1)
Minoru Hara

Chapter 8 Tantric Meditation: Vocalic Beginnings
Paul E. Muller-Ortega
Chapter 9 Navjivan Rastogi The Yogic Disciplines in the Monistic Saiva Tantric Traditions of Kashmir: Threefold, Fourfold, and Six-Limbed
Navjivan Rastogi
Chapter 10 The Doctrines of the Malinivijayottaratantra
Alexis Sanderson
Chapter 11 The Kubjika Upanisad and Its Atharvavedic Character
Jan A. Schoterman
Chapter 12 The Pratyabhijna and the Logical-Epistemological School of Buddhism
Raffaele Torella


This book illustrates the extent to which we can understand the writings of the leading tantricas whose views regarding the universe and enlightenment developed from ritual practice and yoga. Contributors to this anthology include Helene Brunner, Gudrun Buhnemann, Richard H. Davis, Vrajavallabha Dviveda, Sanjukta Gupta, Minoru Hara, Paul Muller-Ortega, Navjivan Rastogi, Alexis Sanderson, Jan A. Schoterman, Raffaele Torella, and Teun Goudriaan.

Teun Goudriaan is Professor in the Department of Oriental Languages at the University of Utrecht. His other books on Indology include Maya Divine and Human: A Study of Magic and Its Religious Foundations in Sanskrit Texts; Hindu Tantrism with Sanjukta Gupta and D. J. Hoens; Hindu Tantric and SAakta Literature with Sanjukta Gupta; The Vinsaikhatantra: A SAaiva Tantra of the Left Current, edited with an Introduction and a Translation; and The Kubjikamatatantra, Kulalikamnaya Version: Critical Edition with Introduction with Dr. Jan Schoterman.