Schooling Young Children

A Feminist Pedagogy for Liberatory Learning

By Jeanne Brady

Subjects: Literacy Studies
Paperback : 9780791425022, 108 pages, August 1995
Hardcover : 9780791425015, 108 pages, August 1995

Table of contents

Foreword by Paulo Freire



1. Critical Literacy as a Pedagogy of Empowerment

2. Rethinking Literacy and Pedagogy

3. The Politics of Difference

4. A New Generation of American Schools

5. A Feminist Pedagogy of Multiculturalism



This book develops a feminist pedagogy for liberatory learning for elementary school workers by contextualizing a connection among critical literacy, multiculturalism, feminist theory, and cultural democracy. This book challenges major categories of literacy, democracy, educational reform, and traditional educational theory and offers educators and cultural workers a language that allows them to create new ways of conceiving pedagogy and classroom practice and of analyzing current educational reform movements. Brady successfully constructs elements of a theory and practice of a feminist pedagogy for elementary schools by blending emancipatory feminism and a critical theory of schooling.

Jeanne Brady is Assistant Professor of Education at Pennsylvania State University.


"As the shift of administration takes place from Bush to Clinton, the problem of whether to continue with the America 2000 project will be confronted, and analyses like the one that Brady offers here make it clear that the policies offered in America 2000 will need to be closely examined, not taken up wholesale. It is an important book for a political dialogue of great consequence. " — Ava Collins, University of Notre Dame

"This book constitutes a major contribution to scholarship on liberatory learning, to feminist theory, and to elementary pedagogical theory. I find the discussions of feminism and postcolonialism enlightening. Each has extended my own thinking greatly about these issues and their connections to my own classroom practice. " — Irene Ward, Kansas State University

"What becomes significantly clear in Jeanne Brady's book is that the real challenge in not to falsely celebrate cultural differences. The real challenge is to find ways in which, as culturally different beings, we can strive to unify for the greater human principles of social justice, equality, and democracy. To that end, Schooling Young Children: A Feminist Pedagogy of Liberatory Learning is must reading for all those educators who believe that our young children can and should be viewed as cultural subjects who are agents of change. " — from the Foreword by Paulo Freire