Critical Pedagogy, the State, and Cultural Struggle

Edited by Henry A. Giroux & Peter L. McLaren

Subjects: Anthropology Of Education
Series: SUNY series, Teacher Empowerment and School Reform
Paperback : 9780791400371, 299 pages, July 1989
Hardcover : 9780791400364, 299 pages, July 1989

Table of contents


Introduction: Schooling, Cultural Politics, and the Struggle for Democracy

Henry A. Giroux and Peter L. McLaren

Part One: Schooling and Public Life

1. Education, State, and Culture in American Society

Martin Carnoy

2. Can There Be a Liberal Philosophy of Education in a Democratic Society?

Samuel Bowles and Herbart Gintis

3. The Politics of Common Sense: Schooling, Populism, and the New Right

Michael W. Apple

4. Schooling and the Family

Miriam E. David

Part Two: Rethinking Schooling as the Language Reform

5. Fixing the Schools: The Ideological Turn

Walter Feinberg

6. Curriculum in the Closed Society

Philip Wexler

7. Practical Teacher Education and the Avant-Garde

Richard Smith and Anna Zantiotis

Part Three: Schooling, Ideology and the Politics of Student Voice

8. Schooling as a Form of Cultural Politics: Toward a Pedagogy of and for Difference

Henry A. Giroux

9. Silencing and Nurturing Voice in an Improbable Context: Urban Adolescents in Public School

Michelle Fine

10. On Ideology and Education: Critical Pedagogy and the Cultural Politics of Resistance

Peter L. McLaren

Part Four: Popular Culture, Text, and Critical Pedagogy

11. Children's Literature as an Ideological Text

Joel Taxel

12. Reading Rock 'n' Roll in the Classroom: A Critical Pedagogy

David R Shumway

13. Popular Culture and Critical Pedagogy: Everyday Life as a Basis for Curriculum Knowledge

Henry A. Giroux and Roger Simon

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Schools have been traditionally defined as institutions of instruction, but the authors of this volume challenge that position in order to generate a new set of cultural categories and constructs through which the nature and process of schooling can be more appropriately understood. Giroux and McLaren develop a theory of schooling that takes into account not only the more traditional relationship between teaching and learning, but also the import of wider cultural dynamics such as language, mass culture, popular culture, the state, theories of readership, ethnographic research, and subcultural studies.

Henry A. Giroux is Director at the Center for Education and Cultural Studies, Miami University, Ohio. Peter L. McLaren is Associate Director at the Center for Education and Cultural Studies, Miami University, Ohio.


"It's imaginative, critical, powerful, and trenchant. The book is clearly on the cutting edge of educational theory. " — David Purpel, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

"It deals with substantive and urgent issues regarding the current debate over schooling, yet is surprisingly diverse and wide-ranging, both in the perspectives it articulates and the theoretical discourses which inform it. The international flavor here is a genuine asset. The issues discussed are very important and are among the key concerns facing contemporary schooling in our society. This book is definitely in the forefront of work on cultural approaches to schooling and society. Personally, I consider the approach the authors of this book have taken to be among the most advanced approaches in school research. It draws from anthropology, semiotics, Marxist theory, hermeneutics, etc. " — Donaldo Macedo, University of Massachusetts, Boston