Sexual Harassment on College Campuses

Abusing the Ivory Power

Edited by Michele A. Paludi

Subjects: Gender Studies
Series: SUNY series, The Psychology of Women
Paperback : 9780791428023, 311 pages, March 1996
Hardcover : 9780791428016, 311 pages, March 1996

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About the Editor


Preface to the Second Edition

Forewords to the Second Edition

Anne Levy, Reverend Richard Campbell, Stephen Arlington, Fr. John Provost

Part I
Sexual Harassment:
Legal, Methodological, and Conceptual Issues

Editor's Notes

Chapter 1
Legal Issues

Barbara Watts

Chapter 2
Sexual Harassment: The Definition and Measurement of a Construct

Louise F. Fitzgerald

Chapter 3
The Interface of Racism and Sexism on College Campuses

Darlene C. DeFour

Chapter 4
The Perils and Promise of Studying Sexist Discrimination in Face-to-Face Situations

Bernice Lott

Part II
Abuse of the Power of the Professoriate:
Faculty Who Harass and "Consensual Relationships"

Editor's Notes

Chapter 5
Men in the Academy: A Psychological Profile of Harassers

Sue Rosenberg Zalk

Chapter 6
What's Wrong with Faculty-Student Consensual Sexual Relationships?

M. Cynara Stites

Chapter 7
Individual Training of Sexual Harassers

Jan Salisbury and Fredda Jaffe

Chapter 8
University Consensual Relationship Policies

M. Cynara Stites

Part III
Campus Interventions for Effectively Dealing with Sexual Harassment:
Individual and Institutional Approaches for Change

Editor's Notes

Chapter 9
Sexual Harassment and Rape: A Continuum of Exploitation

Kathryn Quina

Chapter 10
Coping with Sexual Harassment

Vita C. Rabinowitz

Chapter 11
Addressing Sexual Harassment: Strategies for Prevention and Change

Maryka Biaggio and Arlene Brownell

Chapter 12
Investigating Complaints of Sexual Harassment

Helen Remick, Jan Salisbury, Donna Stringer, and Angela Ginorio

Chapter 13
Institutional Strategies: Creating a Sexual Harassment Panel

Dorothy O. Helly

Appendix I
Training Counselors in Issues Relating to Sexual Harassment on Campus

K. C. Wagner

Appendix II
Resources for Policies and Procedures

Michele A. Paludi

Appendix III
Resources for Education/Training

Michele A. Paludi


An updated and expanded revision of the first edition, which received the Gustavus Myers Center Award for an outstanding book on Human Rights in the United States. Intended for administrators and faculty, it is also a resource book for individuals wanting to make changes in their campus' policy and procedures with regard to sexual harassment.


Based on her work as a private consultant, Michele A. Paludi recognized the need for an updated version of her book Ivory Power: Sexual Harassment on Campus. This need for a second edition was not only facilitated by updated case law, but also by the considerable work published since the first edition concerning training of personnel at colleges and universities and setting up policy statements and effective grievance procedures. Additional attention is devoted to 'consensual relationships' between faculty and students, a topic only touched upon lightly a few years ago. The events of the last few years at Antioch College and the University of Virginia that have stimulated discussion on peer sexual harassment also led to the need for a second edition of Ivory Power.

For this edition Dr. Paludi invited the contributors ofIvory Power to update their chapters, focusing on new research, case law, and theory, and new contributors offer their perspectives on sexual harassment in the academic environment. New forewords have been added, most notable are those written by clergy--one a Methodist, one a Roman Catholic--who are dealing with victims of sexual harassment in their parish.

Michele A. Paludi is an internationally recognized expert in academic and workplace sexual harassment. She is the editor of Ivory Power: Sexual Harassment on Campus, co-author of Academic and Workplace Sexual Harassment: A Resource Manual, and Psychology of Women: Handbook of Issues and Theories (named an "Outstanding Academic Book by the American Library Association) all published by SUNY Press. She is Principal of Michele Paludi & Associates, Consultants in Sexual Harassment that offers education and training in issues related to sexual harassment at schools, colleges, and organizations.


"Sexual harassment is an important issue which we can, and hopefully will, deal with successfully as a maturing society. Works such as Michele Paludi's Sexual Harassment on College Campuses make a significant contribution to the understanding of the problem and the possible avenues of resolution. Without the willingness of people such as Dr. Paludi to concentrate their focus and effort on the methodology and systems necessary to resolve specific sexual harassment instances, the collective understanding and resolution of the problem will continue to evade us. " -- From the Foreword by Stephen Arlington, Practicing Attorney

"The mistreatment of women in our society is, thankfully, 'a cause whose time has come. ' Thanks to people like Michele Paludi, we are becoming informed and beginning to take long-needed remedial action!" -- From the Foreword by Reverend Richard Campbell, United Methodist Church

"Understanding the phenomenon and how it operates is the first, vital step in solving the sexual harassment problem in academia. Putting together policies and procedures for rooting it out is the second. Written by those who are well respected in academia, this book is part of a much-needed effort from within the institutions of learning to get those steps taken. As Sexual Harassment on College Campuses makes abundantly clear, the problem belongs to us all. The solution, as is also very clear, will come only with a universal commitment to stop the abuse of power and trust in our own learning community. No one can sit back and claim that the responsibility belongs to another. It belongs to everyone who claims a role in the academic world. " -- From the Foreword by Anne Levy, Michigan State University