SUNY series, The Psychology of Women

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Sexual Harassment, Work, and Education

Supplies new information on the application of sexual harassment laws in schools, colleges/universities, and the workplace.

Missing Children

Focuses on variables that assist in confronting and preventing child abductions, including teacher training, public education and awareness, psychotherapeutic techniques for families and friends of abducted children as well as the children themselves.

Sexual Harassment on College Campuses

An updated and expanded revision of the first edition, which received the Gustavus Myers Center Award for an outstanding book on Human Rights in the United States. Intended for administrators and faculty, it is also a resource book for individuals wanting to make changes in their campus' policy and procedures with regard to sexual harassment.

Exploring/Teaching the Psychology of Women

Focuses on how to teach the psychology of women course with emphasis on three main themes: critical thinking skills, integration of knowledge, and multiculturalism.

Variations on a Theme

This is the first book to take a multicultural perspective on the psychology of women, including the issues of ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, and physical abilities.

Lesbian Teachers

Teachers, in general, are hired to conform with set values of the community which hires them. They are expected to reflect conventions which correspond with an ideological model of behavior sanctioned ...

Physical Appearance and Gender

This book examines two kinds of research, research in social psychology and in clinical psychology, into the effects of physical appearance on person perception. Both are explored with the objective of ...

Academic and Workplace Sexual Harassment

This book represents the first comprehensive resource manual for understanding and preventing sexual harassment in the academic community and in the workplace.

Studies indicate that sexual harassment is ...

From Surviving to Thriving

"This book will be of great value to any survivor of incest. Equally important, Christine Dinsmore teaches the rest of us—therapists, family members, and friends—how to be helpful to the survivor ...