State Constitutions for the Twenty-first Century, Volume 2

Drafting State Constitutions, Revisions, and Amendments

By Frank P. Grad & Robert F. Williams

Subjects: Political Science
Series: SUNY series in American Constitutionalism
Paperback : 9780791466483, 148 pages, June 2006
Hardcover : 9780791466476, 148 pages, January 2006

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Table of contents


1. Reflection and Restraint in State Constitutional Amendment and Revision

2. The State Constitution: Form and Function

3. Unique Issues in Drafting State Constitutions

4. Some Implications of State Constitutional Amendment for the Drafter

5. Judicial Doctrines of Interpretation Affecting Drafters of State Constitutional Provisions


Identifies problems reformers face in drafting or amending state constitutions.


Constitutional reform requires not only good ideas but also the ability to translate those ideas into language that will effectuate the drafters' aims. This book—the second of three volumes on state constitutions—is the essential guide for those involved in constitutional reform. It identifies the recurrent problems that reformers face in drafting or amending state constitutions and explores how those problems might be addressed. It also explains why drafting state constitutions is a distinctive enterprise, different from the drafting of other legal documents.

Frank P. Grad is Joseph P. Chamberlain Professor Emeritus of Legislation at Columbia Law School. Robert F. Williams is Distinguished Professor of Law and Associate Director of the Center for State Constitutional Studies at Rutgers University at Camden. He is the author of State Constitutional Law: Cases and Materials, Third Edition.