State Constitutions for the Twenty-first Century, Volume 3

The Agenda of State Constitutional Reform

Edited by G. Alan Tarr & Robert F. Williams

Subjects: Political Science
Series: SUNY series in American Constitutionalism
Paperback : 9780791467121, 380 pages, June 2007
Hardcover : 9780791467114, 380 pages, April 2006

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Table of contents

G. Alan Tarr

1. Rights
Robert F. Williams

2. The Legislative Branch
Michael E. Libonati

3. The Executive Branch
Thad Beyle

4. The Judicial Branch
G. Alan Tarr

5. Local Government
Michael E. Libonati

6. Voting and Elections
James A. Gardner

7. Constitutional Amendment and Revision
Gerald Benjamin

8. State and Local Finance
Richard Briffault

9. Education
Paul Tractenberg

10. The Environment and Natural Resources
Barton H. Thompson, Jr.


Nationally recognized experts analyze how states deal with major constitutional issues.


This third and final volume in a series devoted to state constitutions analyzes how these documents address major constitutional issues such as the protection of rights; voting and elections; constitutional change; the legislature; the executive; the judiciary; taxing, spending, and borrowing; local government; education; and the environment. Contributors identify the strengths and weaknesses of current state constitutions, highlight the major issues confronting the states, and assess various approaches for reform.