Student Success

Foundations of Self-Management

By Gian Paolo Roma

Subjects: Education - Textbook, Business - Textbook, Education, Business
Paperback : 9781438494890, 322 pages, August 2023

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Table of contents

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Section I: Overview

1. Getting Started

2. Continuous Behavioral Improvement

Section II: Communication

3. Communication Basics

4. Developing a Personal Communication Strategy and Policy

Section III: Choice

5. Understanding Judgment and Choices

6. Choices and Consequences

Section IV: Commitment

7. Understanding Commitment and Dependability

8. Hard Work and Quality

Section V: Coping

9. Coping in College

10. Coping with Change

Section VI: Caring

11. Caring and Relationships

12. Caring and Society

Appendix: Employability Profile
Glossary of Terms
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Helps students achieve their academic and career goals by clarifying the behaviors that they alone are responsible for, explaining why they are important, how they are assessed, and how they can lead to success.


Student Success helps students develop positive behaviors that will lead to success in college and beyond. The book provides a practical framework, how-to exercises, a behavioral observation measurement system, behavioral profiles, self-tests, and a behavioral change methodology for individuals, families, and schools seeking to establish, assess, and improve behavioral performance. It introduces students to the 5C Elements of Behavior: Communication, which conveys appropriateness; Choice, which conveys judgment; Caring, which conveys concern for others; Commitment, which conveys duty; and Coping, which conveys fortitude. These five elements are the core to understanding how students can monitor, measure, and modify their behavior to reach their academic—and ultimately life—goals. Down-to-earth and practical, the book emphasizes real-life situations that all students face, offering them the opportunity to weigh the best solutions for any problem they encounter.

Gian Paolo Roma is Professor and Chair of the Business Programs Department at SUNY Broome Community College, State University of New York.


"The book takes an approach to student success that is generally lacking in the literature. The strategic approach turns inward, encouraging self-reflection, and draws connections with academic and workplace success. Grounded in the academic literature, the book makes the self-management information accessible." — Deborah Moeckel, Senior Assistant Provost, Academic Programs and Planning, SUNY System Admin

"This book allows the student to reflect on their current behavioral choices and analyze how those behavioral choices are impacting their success in all aspects of their life. For first-year 'Student Success' texts, I think Roma's book is superior and much more applicable, especially to students who have other demands in their lives besides school." — Erin Frye, Professor, Business Department, SUNY Broome Community College, State University of New York