The Fundamentals of Family Mediation

By John Michael Haynes

Subjects: Family Studies
Series: SUNY series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology
Paperback : 9780791420362, 256 pages, June 1994
Hardcover : 9780791420355, 256 pages, May 1994

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Table of contents


1. The Mediation Process

2. The Intake

3. Managing the Budget and Support Session

4. Dividing the Property

5. The Future Parenting

6. Negotiating Behavior

7. The Memorandum of Understanding

8. Starting and Building Your Practice

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Although there are a number of mediation books, none provide a step-by-step description of each stage in the process. This book, designed as a mediator's handbook, can be used by the practicing mediator to solve almost any problem. It can also be used by trainers to provide more basic information to trainee mediators, thus allowing them more time for practicing the skill in training. The book will also be of interest to students and practitioners of family therapy, to social workers, and counselors.

John Michael Haynes (1932–1999) was President of Haynes Mediation Training Institute, Founding President of the Academy of Family Mediators, and served as a consultant to court systems throughout the world. He appeared on numerous national television shows and authored several books, including Mediation: Positive Conflict Management, also published by SUNY Press.