The History of al-Ṭabarī Vol. 27

The ʿAbbāsid Revolution A.D. 743-750/A.H. 126-132

Translated by John Alden Williams

Subjects: Islam
Series: SUNY series in Near Eastern Studies
Paperback : 9780791406250, 233 pages, July 1990
Hardcover : 9780873958844, 233 pages, October 1985

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Table of contents


The Caliphate of Marwan b. Muhammad

The Year 127 (745)

Why the Oath of Allegiance was Given to Marwan

Revolt of the People of Hims

Revolt of al-Dahhak b. Qays the Kharijite

Revolt of Sulayman b. Hisham

The Year 128 (745/46)

The Slaying of al- Harith b. Surayj in Khurasan

Death of al-Dahhak b. Qays the Kharijite

Slaying of al-Khaybari the Kharijite

Yazid b. `Umar b. Hubayrah is Sent to Iraq

Abu Hamzah the Kharijite in Arabia

The Year 129 (746/47)

The Death of Shayban b. `Abd al-`Aziz the Kharijite

Abu Muslim Openly Preaches the `Abbasid Revolution in Khurasan

Khazim b. Khuzaymah Takes Marwarrudh

The Arab Tribesmen of Khurasan Ally Against Abu Muslim

Death of Juday` b. `Ali al-Kirmani

`Abdallah b. Mu`awiyah al-Ja`fari Gains Control of Fars

Abu Hamzah the Kharijite Leads the Pilgrimage

The Year 130 (747/48)

Abu Muslim Enters the Walled City of Marw

Death of Shayban b. Salamah the Kharijite

Abu Muslim Kills `Ali and `Uthman the Sons of Juday` al-Kirmani

Qahtabah b. Shabib Comes to Abu Muslim

Marwan's Governor for Jurjan is Killed

Battle of Qudayd by Madinah

Abu Hamzah the Kharijite Enters Madinah

Other Events

The Year 131 (748/49)

The Death of Nasr b. Sayyar

Qahtabah Camps at Rayy and Abu Muslim Moves to Naysabur

`Amir b. Dubarah is Slain by Qahtabah

The Battle of Jabalq by Isbahan

Qahtabah Enters Nihawand

The Battle of Shahrazur

Other Events of This Year

The Year 132 (749/50)

The Death of Qahtabah b. Shabib

Muhammad b. Khalid al-Qasri Revolts at Kufah in the Name of the `Abbasids

The Caliphate of Abu al-`Abbas al-Saffah

Other Events of the Year 132

Marwan's Defeat at the Zab

Death of Ibrahim the `Abbasid Imam

Slaying of Marwan b. Muhammad

Revolt of Abu al-Ward at Qinnasrin

Defection of Habib b. Murrah

Revolt of the Men of the Jazirah

Abu Ja`far the `Abbasid's Journey to Khurasan

The Battle of Wasit

Death of Ibn Hubayrah

Other Events of This Year

The Year 133 (750/51)

Events of This Year

The Year 134 (751/52)

The Rebellion of Bassam b. Ibrahim

Khazim b. Khuzaymah's War Against the Kharijites of `Uman

Death of Mansur b. Jumhur in Sind

Other Events of This Year

The Year 135 (752/53)

The Rebellion of Ziyad b. Salih in Transoxania

Other Events of This Year

The Year 136 (753/54)

The Visit of Abu Muslim to Abu al-`Abbas in Iraq

Abu Ja`far the `Abbasid and Abu Muslim go on the Pilgrimage

The Death of Abu al-`Abbas al-Saffah




By 735 an Arab empire stretched from Arles and Avignon in southern France to the Indus River and Central Asia, and a vital young civilization fostered by a new world religion was taking root. Yet the Muslim conquerors were divided by tribal quarrels, tensions among new converts, and religious revolts. In 745 a vigorous new successor to the Prophet took control in Damascus and began to restore the waning power of the Umayyad dynasty. Marwān II's attempts were thwarted, however, by revolts on every hand, even among his own relatives. The main body of dissidents was a well-trained group of revolutionaries in Khurasan, led by the remarkable Abu Muslim. By 748 they had seized control of the province and drive the governor, Naṣr ibn Sayyār al-Lāythi, to his death and were advancing westward. This volume tells of the end of the Umayyad caliphate, the ʿAbbāsid Revolution, and the establishment of the new dynasty.