The Hoover Presidency

A Reappraisal

Edited by Martin L. Fausold & George T. Mazuzan

Subjects: Presidency, The
Paperback : 9781438450643, 224 pages, June 1974
Hardcover : 9780873952804, 224 pages, June 1974

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Table of contents


I. Before the Crash


1. Donald R. McCoy, To the White House: Herbert Hoover, August 1927 - March 1929
2. David B. Burner, Before the Crash: Hoover's First Eight Months in the Presidency


II. Antidepression Efforts


1. Albert U. Romasco, Herbert Hoover's Policies for Dealing with the Great Depression: The End of the Old Order or the Beginning of the New?
2. Jordan A. Schwarz, Hoover and Congress: Politics, Personality, and Perspective in the Presidency
3. Ellis W. Hawley, Herbert Hoover and American Corporatism, 1929-1933


III. The Interregnum


1. Alfred B. Rollins, The View From the State House: FDR
2. Frank Freidel, The Interregnum Struggle Between Hoover and Roosevelt


IV. Foreign Policy


1. Selig Adler, Hoover's Foreign Policy and the New Left
2. Joan Hoff Wilson, A Reevaluation of Herbert Hoover's Foreign Policy


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Textual Notes

These persuasive essays, which are the product of a Conversation in the Discipline held at State University of New York at Geneseo in 1973, offer a definitive reevaluation of the Hoover era in the centennial year of his birth.


Leading scholars with access to the presidential papers reappraise Hoover's controversial presidency depicting Hoover as a progressive intellectual—the first anti-depression president—who waged a superb campaign in 1928 and enacted a non-coercive foreign policy.

The pioneer effort of these sophisticated and innovative analyses will revise historians' attitudes towards Hoover, as well as towards the Progressive and New Deal eras.

Martin L. Fausold is Professor of History at State University of New York at Geneseo. He received his B.A. from Gettysburg College and his Ph.D. from Syracuse University. He has written Gifford Pinchot: Bullmoose Progressive, as well as numerous articles and reviews. George T. Mazuzan is Assistant Professor of History at State University of New York at Geneseo. University of Vermont awarded him his B.S. and M.A., and his Ph.D. was conferred by Kent State University. He has published several articles.