The Organization and Planning of Adult Education

By Theodore J. Kowalski

Subjects: Educational Administration
Paperback : 9780887067990, 232 pages, September 1988
Hardcover : 9780887067983, 232 pages, September 1988

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Part I Organizational Context

1 The Organizational Aspect of Adult Education

2 Basic Considerations

3 A Typology for Parent Organizations

Part II Organizational Theory

4 Understanding the Value of Research and Theory

5 Relevance of Organizational Theory

6 Applying Organizational Theory to Adult Education

Part III The Planning Process

7 Program Planning

8 Advisory Councils

9 Needs Assessment

10 Developing the Curriculum

11 Program Evaluation

12 Management Considerations

Part IV The Future of Planning

13 Adult Education: An Emerging Social Service

14 Future Challenges

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The heightened interest in and the rapid expansion of adult education has become a trend in a variety of environments. In order to serve these developing areas, educators, personnel directors, as well as staff development specialists require improved methods for planning learning activities within their own unique organizational contexts.

In The Organization and Planning of Adult Education Kowalski examines the issues created by providing a social service in diverse organizational settings and presents a format for initiating and developing adult education programs. In order to comprehend the complexity of the context of programming within an organization, two novel components are included: first, a typology of sponsoring organizations is presented. This allows the reader to study program development in greater detail through a categorization of the sponsoring institutions. Second, organizational theory is applied to the process of programming in adult education. To be successful, the adult educator must be able to analyze both the existing organizational climate as well as to devise programs compatible with this environment. Kowalski has written a valuable resource and guide for those faced with the responsibilities of planning adult education programs in their own particular setting.

Theodore J. Kowalski is Dean of the Teachers College and a Professor in the Center for Lifelong Learning at Ball State University. He also serves as Executive Director of the Indiana Public School Study Council, a research and development consortium of twenty-three of the state's largest school districts. President-elect of the Indiana Community Education Association, he is a former teacher, principal and school superintendent.


"This book addresses important issues in program planning within the context of organizational theory and practice, something never attempted previously, in an extended fashion, in the field of adult education. I think Kowalski's treatment of the issues surpasses anything that has hitherto been published. " — Leon McKenzie