The Smalbanac 2.0

An Opinionated Guide to New York's Capital District

By Christine M. Garretson-Persans

Subjects: New York/regional
Series: Excelsior Editions
Imprint: Excelsior Editions
Paperback : 9781438463605, 284 pages, December 2016

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Table of contents

Albany—An Oldie but a Goodie
Hurlbut to Turkey—Getting From Here to There
Places to Visit in Albany

Troy—On the Edge of Greatness
Paper Canoes Were Made Here, Too!
Places to Visit in Troy

Schenectady—The Lights Are Still On
What’s on the Tee Vee?
Places to Visit in Schenectady

The Famous Who of the Capital District
Five Fascinating Females
Four Famous Phils
Three Thrilling Henrys
Two Super Stephens
One Unbelievable Uncle Sam
History 101

More Beer Here, and Bourbon, Rye and Cider, Too

Art in Plein Site

Mind, Body, Planet 101
Mind 101
Science 101

Go Outside and Play
Downhill Skiing
Cross-Country Skiing
Ice Skating
Dog Parks
Rock Wall Climbing
Indoor Baseball
Roller Skating
Dance and Exercise Classes
Mini-Golf and Fun Parks
Go to the Movies
Go to the Theater
Art and Other Types of Classes
Planetariums and Stargazing
Take a Tour
Art Galleries
Music to Your Ears
Open Mics
Especially for the Kids
Bar Districts
Friday Arts Nights
Things You Shouldn’t Do but Will

Let’s Eat!
In Albany
In Troy
In Schenectady

Let’s Shop!
The Malls
Ice Cream
Wine and Spirits
Delis and Specialty Markets
Apple Orchards

Event Calendar
Good Things Year Round

More Historical/Hysterical Events

Space—Because We Like It
The Sun
Contellations You Should Know
The Planets
Pluto, Dwarf Planets, and Plutoids
Fun Things You Can Look for in the Sky!!
Science 101
Websites for You to Visit

Some of Our Sources That We Are Willing to Reveal


A quirky survival guide to New York's Capital District.


With new and updated entries on everything from food, shopping, and the arts to people, history, and places to visit, The Smalbanac 2. 0 is a wry, affectionate, and practical guide to New York State's capital city and surrounding area. Packed with information, this guide is perfect not only for visitors, new students, and those relocating to the area but also for long-term residents who want to get out of their comfort zones and explore the many hidden—and some not-so-hidden—treasures the area has to offer.

A local artist and writer, Christine M. Garretson-Persans has worked at The Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center since 2004. She lives in Watervliet.


Praise for the First Edition

"An eclectic and affectionate look at the quirks of our region and its many hidden treasures. " — Albany Times Union

"The Smalbanac is a delightful, informative … guide to history, culture, cuisine and shopping in Albany, Schenectady, and Troy … Whether you like to travel, dine out, or learn local history, this is an exceptional book, worth reading and keeping on hand for when someone laments, 'I'm so bored. '" — Schenectady Daily Gazette