Thinking Constructively About Science, Technology, and Society Education

By Dennis W. Cheek

Subjects: Science And Society
Series: SUNY series in Curriculum Issues and Inquiries
Paperback : 9780791409404, 262 pages, July 1992
Hardcover : 9780791409398, 262 pages, July 1992

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Table of contents



1. Science and Technology Education in the United States

2. Science, Technology, and Society Education

3. Constructivism and STS Education

4. The Underside of STS Education

5. STS Education as if Students' Views Mattered




This book defines STS—science, technology, and society—education and discusses current thinking about its conceptual evolution. It synthesizes a broad range of research and thought in the history and philosophy of science and technology, STS studies, and education as they are informed by the the dual perspectives of cognitive and social psychology. A model for STS curriculum development in science, social studies, or technology education is presented with well-chosen examples. The book includes an extensive and invaluable bibliography that will enable students, teachers, and researchers to explore the richness of this emerging field.

Dennis W. Cheek is the Coordinator of Curriculum Development for the Science, Technology, and Society Education Project at the New York State Education Department.


"The field of science through STS has needed a document which synthesizes, both historically and conceptually, the diverse educational aspects from which the field has arisen. This book does a significant job on that criterion alone. Cheek brings together for the first time several fields of education and combines them in a logical, succinct, and clear way. " — Glen S. Aikenhead, University of Saskatchewan, School of Education