Transgressing Discourses

Communication and the Voice of Other

Edited by Michael Huspek & Gary P. Radford

Subjects: Philosophy
Series: SUNY series, Human Communication Processes
Paperback : 9780791433546, 423 pages, July 1997
Hardcover : 9780791433539, 423 pages, July 1997

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Communication and the Voice of Other
Michael Huspek

1. Textual Violence in Academe: On Writing with Respect for One's Others
John Shotter

2. Seeing Oneself Through Other's Eyes in Social Inquiry
Klaus Krippendorff

3. Unheard Voices from Unknown Places: Saving the Subject for Science
Lenore Langsdorf

4. Foucault on the "Other Within"
Michael Huspek

5. Foucault Inserted: Philosophy, Struggle, and Transgression
Gary P. Radford

6. An Attempt to Contribute to the Rhetoric of Science Movement: From Monologue to Dialogue
Branislav Kovacic, Donald P. Cushman, and Robert C. MacDougall

7. Establishing Interdependence in Employee-Owned Democratic Organizations
Teresa M. Harrison

8. Transcribing the Body and Materializing the Subject: Women's Victim Narratives in Penalty Phase Testimony
Sara Cobb

9. Channel Surfing for Rape and Resistance on Court TV
Lynn Comerford

10. Insiders in the Body: Communication, Multiple Personalities, and the Body Politic
Joseph Gemin

11. Defining Occupational Disease: An Archaeology of Medical Knowledge
Alan G. Gross

12. Shooting Downwind: Depicting the Radiated Body in Epidemiology and Documentary Photography
Bryan C. Taylor

13. The Limits of Cummunication: Lyotard and Levinas on Otherness
Andrew R. Smith

Transgressing Discourses, the Voice of Other, and Kant's Foggy Island of Truth
Gary P. Radford

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The basic theme of this volume is excellent. Readers are treated to fascinating explorations of communication at the boundaries between discourses and selves. The essays address important theoretical issues, and do so often by treating significant social issues. Most welcome is the constructive tone that is for the most part maintained throughout the volume, demonstrating an effort to understand, engage, and critically assess different discourses and selves (and others) at once, without valorizing one over the other.

An essential theme running through this volume is the idea that our efforts to engage, as well as other's efforts to engage us, have been seriously impaired because of problems which are fundamentally communicative in nature. More specifically, there is general agreement among the contributors that the voice of other has not been sufficiently heard, and this on account of how discourses of the human sciences, as well as other dominant discourses (e. g. law) have structured our interaction with other. Each of the essays helps to clarify the nature of the communicative failing and to develop an appropriate corrective action.

Michael Huspek is Associate Professor of Communication at California State University, San Marcos Gary P. Radford is Associate Professor of Communication at William Paterson College of New Jersey.


"This volume is engaging to read. It addresses important theoretical issues from styles of academic writing and arguing, to subjectivities, to Foucault's notions of discourse, struggle, and blank space, to otherness, to social constructions of the body. Additionally, significant social issues are addressed from legal and medical proceedings, to rape, to effects of radiation. Combining these ideas with these issues, and addressing the general theme of boundaries between discourses and selves, takes the reader through a rich and fascinating set of theoretical materials and social dynamics. " -- Donal Carbaugh, author of Situating Selves: The Communication of Social Identities in American Scenes