Whitehead's Ontology

By John W. Lango

Subjects: Philosophy, Metaphysics
Hardcover : 9780873950930, 102 pages, June 1972

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Table of contents


I. Introduction
1. The Aim: Defining Whitehead's Categories of Existence
2. Some Methods for Understanding Whitehead's Metaphysics
3. A Problem: Finding an INstance of an Actual Entity
4. Understanding Whitehead's Ontology by Explicating Formal Structure

II. Relations Between Entities
5. A Clue: The Category of Universal Relativity
6. THe Relational Essence of Eternal Objects
7. The Concrescence of Prehensions
8. The Mutual Sensitivity of Subjective Forms
9. The Synthesis of Contrasts
10. Perception in the Model of Presentational Immediacy
11. Additional Special Relations
12. The Universal Relation of Synonty

III. Types of Entity
13. Finite and Infinite
14. Created and Eternal
15. Physical and Mental
16. Actual and Derivative
17. The Categories of Existence



An examination of Whitehead's metaphysics through a study of his Process and Reality.