Wine - A Gentleman's Game

The Adventures of an Amateur Winemaker Turned Professional

By Mark Miller

Subjects: New York/regional, Food, Autobiography, Biography And Memoir
Series: Excelsior Editions
Imprint: Excelsior Editions
Paperback : 9781438429328, 227 pages, July 2009

Table of contents

Introduction: The "gentleman's game"?
1. The Road to a Dream
2. The Initiation
3. A Backward Glance
4. Our First Year
5. Growth and Change
6. The Burgundy Years
7. Return to America
8. A Misstep
9. A Little Help from Our Friends
10. The Bottom Line

How one man and his family made their dream of owning a winery come true--and helped revitalize New York's winemaking industry in the process.


In 1957, Mark and Dene Miller purchased a vineyard in Marlboro, New York, overlooking the majestic Hudson River and the distant Berkshires. They really only wanted a few acres on which to plant a few vines, from which they hoped to produce a few cases of wine for themselves and their friends. Out of that small dream, however, grew something much more ambitious: the revitalization not only of America's oldest known vineyard but of the entire Hudson Valley winemaking industry. . Their story, and the story of Benmarl Winery, told with charm and humor and illustrated with Mark Miller's own handsome drawings, not only offers a great deal of practical information on grape cultivation and winemaking, it also provides inpiration, nurturing the hope lurking in many of us that, with the proper amount of courage and determination, we could do the same.