Edited by Jan Zlotnik Schmidt

Subjects: Composition And Rhetoric Studies
Paperback : 9780791435922, 293 pages, January 1998
Hardcover : 9780791435915, 293 pages, January 1998

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Table of contents




Part I: Silence and Words

1. Teaching College English as a Woman

Lynn Z. Bloom

2. Voicing My Self: An Unfinished Journey

Karen Ann Chaffee

3. Sailing Back to Byzantium

Pamela Chergotis

4. She-ro-ism

Diane Glancy

5. The Story of a Woman Writing/Teaching: "The Shining Elusive Spirit"

Jan Zlotnik Schmidt

Part II: Authority and Authorship

6. Writing on the Bias

Linda Brodkey

7. And May He Be Bilingual: Notes on Writing, Teaching, and Multiculturalism

Judith Ortiz Cofer

8. The Point at Which Past and Future Meet

Lynne Crockett

9. Teaching and Writing "As If [My] Life Depended On It"

Ann Victoria Dean

10. From Silence to Words: Writing As Struggle

Min-zhan Lu

11. Mothers/Daughters/Writing/Teaching

Elaine P. Maimon and Gillian B. Maimon

12. Between the Drafts

Nancy Sommers

Part III: Visions of Embodied Teaching

13. Freedom, Form, Function: Varieties of Academic Discourse

Lillian Bridwell-Bowles

14. A Collage of Time: Writing and Ritual in Women's Studies

E. M. Broner

15. Teaching Elders: A Journal

Mary Gordon

16. Engaged Pedagogy (from Teaching to Transgress: Education As the Practice of Freedom )

bell hooks

17. Composing a Pleasurable Life

Sondra Perl

18. As if your life depended on it (from What Is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and Politics )

Adrienne Rich

19. We Was Girls Together: Race and Class and Southern Women

Hephzibah Roskelly

20. Time Alone, Place Apart: The Role of Spiracy in Using the Power of Solitude

Jacqueline Jones Royster



Presents autobiographical visions of women writing teachers--their intertwined lives as professionals, feminists, writers, instructors, and colleagues.


This book presents autobiographical visions of women writing teachers--their complex lives as writers, as instructors, as feminists, as professionals in the academy. The authors explore their complex identities as teachers: the particular configurations of their pasts, gender, class, ethnic backgrounds, personalities, and cultures that have shaped their personae as instructors of writing.

The contributors explore the intersections of their past and present experiences that influence and guide their development as writers and as instructors of writing. The book discusses how women can emerge from silence, gain authority and power as professionals, and balance the private and public aspects of their lives. In addition, it addresses how women constitute themselves as literacy teachers and what models of feminist pedagogy emerge.

Women/Writing/Teaching is notable for the range, depth, and richness of the chapters; the dynamic interplay of voices, approaches, issues, and concerns; the multiethnic focus; and the high quality of the writings. It will prompt readers to explore their own life stories and to comprehend more fully women's complex lives as teaching professionals.

Jan Zlotnik Schmidt is Professor of English and Coordinator of the Composition Program, State University of New York, New Paltz. Her previously published work includes Legacies: Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Nonfiction (with Carley Bogarad) and We Speak in Tongues (a volume of poetry).


"I found the use of the personal 'I' narrative illuminating. There is such a vast range of approaches--some of these women reveal a great deal of personal history, some limit themselves to general events rather than detailed memories, but all seem to struggle toward more than a private understanding of what their stories mean, and to greater or lesser degrees, interpret and analyze their story in the telling. This self-scrutiny adds great dimension and accessibility to stories that might otherwise not have any obvious connection to readers. " -- Mary Ann Cain, author of Revisioning Writers' Talk: Gender and Culture in Acts of Composing