A Slant of Light

Contemporary Women Writers of the Hudson Valley

Edited by Laurence Carr & Jan Zlotnik Schmidt

Subjects: New York/regional, Poetry
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337732, 180 pages, August 2013

Table of contents

Wind Innuedno
Margo Stever
reviving Coyote
Claire Hero
Jo Pitkin
Sylvia Barnard
Joan I. Siegel
Barbara Louise Ungar
Andromeda at Midlife
Ann Cefola
An Explanation to My Husband
for Christa McAuliffe
Lisa Fleck Dondiego
Madonna Bomb
Celia Bland
Virgin of Guadeloupe
Nadine May Lewis
The Angelus, As Mary Heard It
Rhoda Shary
Kappa Waugh
The Voice
Laura Russo
Who Is My Muse?
Lee Gould
Green Tara As Protector
From The Eight Fears
Janet Hamill
Edie’s Mikveh
Edie Abrams
Wet Exit
Sarah Wyman
Bird of Paradise
Suzanne Cleary
Letters from Riverside
A Slant of Light
Carole Bell Ford
Coming Home to Hallelujah
Carol Yuen Bean
Self-Acceptance: A Hard-Fought Battle
Nava Atlas
Saturday Morning: Meditations on the Soup
Karen Michel
Three Haikus
Priscilla Lignori
Interpretation: Three Versions
Mimi Moriarty
Thieves, An Oral Nightmare
Roberta Gould
A Meager Diet of Horizon
Natalie Safir
Laid Off Summer
Carol Graser

I Check Their Leaves, I Water Their Roots
Phyllis R. Freeman

“Misuse Can Result in Fire or Death by Electrical Shock”
Alison Koffler
The Susan Situation
Lynne Crockett
Waking at Night
Amelia B. Winkler
What I Save
Catharine Clarke
Duck Pond in Tuckahoe
Adrienne Hernadez

Rachael Z. Ikins
Egypt Beach, Massachusetts
Pauline Uchmanowicz
Untitle Photo
Morgan Gwenwalk
Gender and the Body

Hudson, NY—1960
Tana Miller
Alyssa Fane
Devil’s Paintbrush Mountain
Georganna Millman
The Apples of Discord
Carol Goodman
The Mice, The Barn, and The Red Scare
Abigail Nadell Robin

Nothing Is Cool
Maryann Hotvedt
Smoking Gun
Mala Hoffman
Carolyn Quimby
Trey Attaching Sensation to the Figure in Memory
Karen Neuberg
In in the Women’s Locker Room
Waiting Room for a Mammogram
Alice Feeley
Naming the Scar
Judith Prest
Mentally Awaiting Menopause
Teresa Marta Costa
What You Will Believe
Irene O’Garden
Dead Shot for Venus Ramsey, Miss America 1944
Barbara Adams
Penny Freel
Seminole Hard Rock
Sari Grandstaff
the woman who buys her own diamonds
Judith Kerman
Housewife Sheds Her Skin Like a Snake
Judith Saunders
Portrait of a Woman with Windex
Ann Lauinger
Change Color
Marion Menna
A Wife for the Twenty-First Century (Newly Defined)
Raphael Kosek
Days of Our Breakfast
Brittany Ambrosio
Sandra Sturtz Hauss
Waiting at the Ritz
Jo Salas
On Some Days Her Monotonous Life Was Made Confusing and Frightening by Her Thoughts
Karen Schoemer
Zelda Speaks
Victoria Sullivan
Beauty, Money, Luck, Etc for Beginners
Anne Gorrick
Lost Gardens
Karen Rippenstein
Red Flowers
Dinah Dietrich

My Mother Wants Lambchops, Steaks, Lobster, Roast Beef
Lyn Lifshin

Back to School
Kate Hymes
Navigating with Mother
Laura Jan Shore
My Father and the Floating House: at An Exhibition of Chagall’s Paintings at the Thyssen Bornamisza
Jan Zlotnik Schmidt
My Father, 1928
Mary Makofske
How to Put a Fish to Bed
Rebecca Schumejda
Blue Baby
Colleen Geraghty
When Granny Made My Lunch
Bobbi Katz
Joann Deiudicibus
Geechee Daughter
Brenda Connor-Bey
Wednesdays with Miss Wolfstein
Gretchen Primack
A Reminiscence Based on Photos in Different Places in Deference to James Agee and Walker Evans
Mary Fakler
Learning to Read
Rachel Rigolino
On the Nature of Desire
Donna Spector

The Fifty-Pound Canary
Betty Anny Enos neé Damms
The Clay Goose
Anne Richey
Modern Love: Till Death Do Us Part
Eva Tenuto
Sahara Affair
Allison B. Friedman
To the Unnamed One
Lorna Tychostup

The Arm
Iris Litt
TheBurial—Sarah, an excerpt “Union”
Jacqueline Renee Ahl
Tom’s Funeral
Cheryl Rice
An Uneventful Life
Linda Melick
Ilse’s Sleep
Nancy Willard

Claire McGuire
I Said Coffee
Sharmagne Leland-St. John
Josepha Gutelius

By All In Me That Curdled Not in Acid Times
Christine Boyka Kluge

Self in the World
So Much World
Ledlie LaChance
Paper Thin
Marilyn Reynolds
Returning to Earth (or Rediscovering Neruda)
Susan Jefts
Snow Bunting
Susan Rogers
Between Now and Never
Meredith Trede
The Valley of the Kings
Heather Hewett
Surprisingly Wild
Ruth D. Handel
Reminder in the Midst of Traffic
Janice P. Egry
Azure Aubade
Pamela Hart
Turtle Commute
Caroline Wolfe
The Swimming Hole
Laura Shaine Cunningham
Part of Life
Micky Shorr
Kateri Kosek
Thursday’s Child
Ethel Wesdorp
Holes He Digs
Teresa Sutton
every day is 9/11
Trina Porte
i am another yourself
Deborah Poe
Draft Me a Space in Your Harbor
Adrianna Delgado
Sleeping Buddha
Sarah Gardner
The Powder Tower
Michelle Woods
How to Make Your Mother Laugh
Lucia Cherciu
Crushed in Poughkeepsie Time
Lea Graham

A collection of contemporary prose and poetry by women writers from New York’s Hudson Valley.


Finalist for the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Women's Issues category
Finalist for the 2014 International Book Award in the Fiction: Women's Literature/Chick Lit category presented by American Book Fest
Finalist for the 2014 Beverly Hills International Book Award in the Anthology category
Award-Winner in the Fiction: Anthologies category of The 2013 USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News
2014 da Vinci Eye presented by the Hopewell Publications

This volume celebrates the contemporary prose and poetry of more than a hundred women from New York's Hudson Valley. Drawing on writers from the eastern border of New York State to the foothills of the Catskills, and along the length of the Hudson River from Westchester to Albany, editors Laurence Carr and Jan Zlotnik Schmidt bring together a wide variety of female voices that evocatively address issues that touch not only women, but also every reader who desires insight into the human experience.

A Slant of Light is divided into five sections, each addressing a theme of women's lives. The book begins with "Mythos": representations and revisions of myths of women. The second section, "Body and Gender," explores visions of the body, gender socialization, and women's roles. The third section, "Identity," presents works that examine both how women see themselves and how others see them. The fourth section brings together works presenting women in a variety of roles, such as parent, child, partner, and lover. The last, "Woman in the World," collects works that meditate on our collective fate in a global world.

What distinguishes this volume is the diversity of women's perspectives in terms of age, ethnicity, cultural background, and subject matter. The book brings together voices both lyrical and edgy, and challenges readers to think deeply about our changing lives in the twenty-first century.

Laurence Carr teaches creative and dramatic writing at the State University of New York at New Paltz. He is the author of Pancake Hollow Primer: A Hudson Valley Story and The Wytheport Tales, the coeditor (with Joann Deiudicibus, Penny Freel, and Rachel Rigolino) of WaterWrites: A Hudson River Anthology in Celebration of the Hudson 400, and the editor of Riverine: An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers, all published by Codhill Press. A SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor at New Paltz, Jan Zlotnik Schmidt teaches courses in composition, autobiography, creative writing, American literature, women's literature, and Holocaust studies. Her books include two volumes of poetry, We Speak in Tongues and She Had This Memory. She is the editor of Women/Writing/Teaching, also published by SUNY Press, and the coauthor (with Carley Rees Bogarad and Lynne Crockett) of Legacies: Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Nonfiction.


"Carr and Schmidt's generous anthology offers an astonishing diversity of female voices. " — Chronogram