Poems in Remembrance

By Laurence Carr

Subjects: Poetry
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337909, 74 pages, December 2016

Table of contents

Part I. Threnodies

for Scheherazade

for Antonin Artaud

Madame Curie’s Notebooks|

for René Magritte

for Emma Bovary

Night Flight (Suite Charlie Parker)

for Duncan Renaldo, The Cisco Kid

Remembering Cythera

Lovesongs I

Arctic Fox

rainy season

My Planet X

Lovesongs II

Part II. Threnodies
for Lee Harvey Oswald’s Coffin

what they talk about before their meds kick in

for Stevie Smith— from long distance

a hundred iridescents

for that homeless man who’s no longer there

for Laurence Carr

Ur Topia



a meeting place






Faith in Doubt

washing up on unknown shores


god notes genesis draft 1. 0

poor God

waving in parts

Part III. Threnodies
The Race

On His Birthday

for the woodworker

for the old men

for the Usherette at the Roxy 1939 (and Edward Hopper)

Feline Farewell

for Lou Harrison

for the last beat poet

Threnodies: Selected Bios
About the Author

Takes the reader on a journey through time and place, with stops along the way to visit Madame Curie, Charlie Parker, Scheherazade, Madame Bovary, Lee Harvey Oswald’s coffin, and God, among others.


Threnodies is a collection of poetry and prose poems that takes the reader on a journey through time and place. Some pieces conjure up distant memories; others reflect our shared experience. Along the way, visits are made to Madame Curie, Charlie Parker, Scheherazade, Madame Bovary, Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin, and God, among others, in this series of rest stops for the eternal traveler.

Laurence Carr teaches dramatic and creative writing at the State University of New York at New Paltz. He is the author of Pancake Hollow Primer: A Hudson Valley Story and The Wytheport Tales, the coeditor (with Jan Zlotnik Schmidt) of A Slant of Light: Contemporary Women Writers of the Hudson Valley and the coeditor (with Joann Deiudicibus, Penny Freel, and Rachel Rigolino) of WaterWrites: A Hudson River Anthology in Celebration of the Hudson 400, and the editor of Riverine: An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers, all published by Codhill Press.