An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers

Edited by Laurence Carr

Subjects: Poetry
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337329, 314 pages, August 2010

Table of contents


How Books Changed My Life
Da Chen

Land Ho!
Laurence Carr

Water Babies (published in Chronogram)
Nina Shengold

The Perfect House (from A Place In the Country, Riverhead Books)
Laura Shaine Cunningham

Werner Hengst
Short Story

Bones Like Ice
James P. Othmer

The 3-Mile Run
Anthony Robinson

Butterfly Kisses
Annecy Baez

Jacob Appel

Mision San Pablo (published in the LA Times Sunday magazine, West)
Steven Lewis

Raised Hearts Hailing: The Poems of Francis Eamon Boyle (1874—1900) (published in Shawangunk Review)
William Boyle

A Supermarket In Upstate New York: Shadowing Allen Ginsberg
Barbara Adams

Hell On Earth; Heaven Comes; Give Peace A Chance
Abigail Robin
Microfiction and Prose Poem

Roberta Allen

Anneka (published in KGB Bar Lit)
Roberta Allen

String Theory
Guy Reed

Love, Death, Etc. (published in Eclectica)
Howard Good

R.E. Rigolino

The God of Falling Objects (published in Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics)
Christine Boyka Kluge

The Woman With The Video Camera
Bruce Weber
Poetry: Hudson Valley Views

Swimming In The Hay Barn (from Hapax Legomena, Mellon Poetry Press)
Barbara Adams

The Laws of What Happens (The Lefevre farmhouse, Route 32 North)
Jacqueline Renée Ahl

The Carrion Eaters
David Appelbaum

Rite of Passage
David Appelbaum

Tree Watching
Brenda Connor-Bey

Spring Walks, Mountain Views (published in Thought)
James Finn Cotter

Farewell To Summer
Lynne Digby

Designs (from The Bad Man, Ye Olde Font Shoppe Press)
Dennis Doherty

Feet (from The Bad Man, Ye Olde Font Shoppe Press)
Dennis Doherty

Summer Stage in Winter
Allen C. Fischer

November Kill
Mala Hoffman

Woodstock Mornings
C.J. Krieger

My Hermit (published in Chronogram)
Robert Leaver

Carpentry & Gardening
Phillip Levine

Rt. 44/55 at night
Nadine Lewis

Autumn Vintage
Robert Milby

Sister Scarecrows — Cottekill Fire House Community Garden (published in Wisconsin Review)
Will Nixon

The Life of the Stag — Catskills (published in The Café Review)
Will Nixon

Jo Pitkin

Stone House
Jo Pitkin

The Dogs and I Walked Our Woods,
Gretchen Primack

Helping My Parents' Friends Get in Hay
Matthew J. Spireng

Matthew J. Spireng

Cutting the Oak
Matthew J. Spireng

Ulster Heights, New York
Christine Lilian Turczyn

The Boardwalk (from In The Salt Marsh, Knopf)
Nancy Williard

Poetry: Other Realms

Jay Albrecht

Mountain Laurel Children (published in Stonesthrow Review)
Kat Alexander

Sometimes A Buddha Poem
Jerrice Baptiste

Lucia Cherciu

Can the Cactus Know the Salamander
Samuel Claibourne

Suzanne Cleary

Goddess Gone Fishing
Teresa Marta Costa

Untenanted (from Anything You Don't See, West End Press)
Enid Dame

The Best Education (from SOMBER REUNION, Morning Star Press)
Alec Emerson

Villard de Honnecourt
Staats Fasoldt

The Concierge of Hell (published in Poetry Bay)
Howard Good

Sorrow's Rooms (published in The Rose and Thorn)
Howard Good

Paris: Where All Thursdays Go to Die; after "Black Stone Lying on a White Stone" by César Vallejo (published in The Cortland Review)
Anne Gorrick

Mad Evil Times
Sari Grandstaff

Eamon Grennan

Innocence of Things
Eamon Grennan

I Give You Birth (published in Southern Poetry Review)
Carol Graser

The Weight of Snow
Don Haynie

Mikhail Horowitz

Mikhail Horowitz

Konghuin (a tune for the lyre)
translated by Heinz Insu Fenkl

Grieving for Yin Yao; Wang Wei (701-761 A.D.)
translated from the Korean by Heinz Insu Fenkl

April 1968
Kate Hymes

The Seminar
Kate Hymes

Barrier Canyon Style (published in The Literary Gazette)
Mike Jurkovic

Cattle Map (published in The South Carolina Review)
Mike Jurkovic

The Skies In Their Mouths (published in The Bloomsbury Review)
Christine Boyka Kluge

Frank LaRonca

The Ginger Jar
Sharmagne Leland-St.John

Twilight (from Twilight, CRS Books)
Donald Lev

Scene from a Marriage (from Yesterday's News, Red Hill Outloudbooks)
Donald Lev

Autistic Superkid (published in Chronogram)
Brian Liston

What I Ate
Valerie Martin

You Found Her
Valerie Martin

Grand Central - Passing Through on the Way Home after a Long Day
Karen Neuberg

Shooting Star (published in AGNI)
Robert Polito

Three Horse Operas (published in AGNI)
Robert Polito

Freight Trains
Marilyn Reynolds

A Double Life (from My Night With the Language Thieves, Ye Olde Font Shoppe Press)
Tad Richards

Cheryl A. Rice

American Epitaphs
William Seaton

Boca de Tomatlan (published in The Telluride Watch)
William Seaton

The persistence of ashes (published in Front Range Review)
Kenneth Salzmann

My Mother's Owl Collection (published in Oxalis)
Judith Saunders

The Weaver
Jan Zlotnik Schmidt

A Photograph of my Parents in the Catskills, Circa 1937 (published in Shawangunk Review)
Jan Zlotnik Schmidt

3 Poems

Ascension (published in The Webster Review)
Margo Stever

Conversation with Bertolt Brecht (published in The New England Review)
Margo Stever

(excerpt from) THE BORROMEAN ISLANDS; For the Posse
H. R. Stoneback

Christine Lilian Turczyn

Elements of Style
Pauline Uchmanowicz

Five-Minute Hamlet
Pauline Uchmanowicz

A Valentine in Green Pastures
Bob Wright

Japanese Coasters
Robert H. Waugh

Popinjay in the Japonica (published in Shawangunk Review)
Sarah Wyman
Author Biographies


Riverine is a contemporary anthology of memoir, short fiction, and poetry by over seventy Hudson Valley writers.

The memoirs reflect Hudson Valley life along with life outside the U. S. Intriguing short stories, both dark and light, explore a wide range of fictional characters. Microfiction (or flash fiction) brings the reader the razor-sharp genre of the short-short story and thought-provoking prose poems. Two poetry sections offer a wide array of styles from a diverse group of poets. "Hudson Valley Views" focuses upon the landscape of the valley that these poets call home. "Other Realms" journeys to the inner mindscape and takes the reader to places both real and imaginary.

Riverine is the creation of writer and editor Laurence Carr along with Codhill publisher, David Appelbaum, former editor of Parabola magazine.

Riverine celebrates the words of those authors who breathe the air of the Hudson Valley, drink its water, eat the harvest from its rich soil and convert these gifts into the gift of words that reflects our individual and collective lives. As long as a healthy Hudson River continues to flow through this valley (and part of our lives must be committed to its good health), the words of its writers will also continue to flow from lips and pens and pencils and keyboards.

Laurence Carr teaches creative and dramatic writing at SUNY New Paltz where he created the SUNY Playwrights’ Project and was honored as a Teacher of the Year. Over thirty of his plays and theatre pieces have been produced in New York City, throughout the United States, and in Europe. His prose and poetry have been published and performed throughout the country.


"…a cornucopia of poetry and prose gathers together a Who's Who of Hudson Valley authors. River deep and mountain high, this bountiful book is a pleasure to read." — Chronogram

"[Riverine] represents the wealth of our region, not only in its varied geographical and natural beauty, but also in the richness of artistic talent tucked in its hills and along its winding waters." — Mary Holland, Works Cited, SUNY New Paltz

"Carr has assembled an anthology that goes a long ways toward capturing the literary spirit of the Hudson River Valley … this book is an excellent place to meet this diverse cadre of writers and genres." — Dale Flynn, The Hudson River Valley Review