Women and Peace

Feminist Visions of Global Security

By Betty A. Reardon

Subjects: International Relations
Series: SUNY series, Global Conflict and Peace Education
Paperback : 9780791414002, 220 pages, July 1993
Hardcover : 9780791413999, 220 pages, July 1993

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Table of contents


1. Introduction: A Decade for Difference

2. Negative Peace: The Continuum of Violence

3. Positive Peace: Economic and Social Justice

4. Women's Roles in the Politics and Conceptualization of Peace

5. Women's Visions of Peace: Images of Global Security

Appendix 1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Excerpts)

Appendix 2. The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (Excerpts)

Appendix 3. United Nations Agencies Concerned with Women's Issues

Appendix 4. Nongovernmental Organizations and Institutes Concerned with Women and Global Issues

Appendix 5. Selected Bibliography on Women and Global Security Issues




Betty A. Reardon is Director of the Peace Education Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. Long active in a number of international organizations and movements, she has served on the Council of the International Peace Research Association, the Council of the University for Peace, and the International Jury for the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. Her previous publications are in the areas of women's issues, human rights, alternative security systems, and teaching and learning the skills of peacemaking.


"This very readable book provides an excellent introduction to the main issues involved in the relationship between the achievement of peace and the enhancement of the status of women. The author demonstrates the importance of empowering women to participate in the decision-making processes involved in the maintenance of peace and security at all levels—within the community, nationally, and internationally—and explains what has been done by the United Nations, and by women's groups, to bring this about. The book also provides an excellent basis for discussion and study with regard to human rights and international relations." — Jeanne Vickers, author, Women and the World Economic Crisis, Women and War

"Reardon's book examines those ingredients necessary to reconstruct a society free of the competitive, violent, and war-centered methods that define today's reality, replacing it with one exhibiting the egalitarian, holistic, and cooperative patterns rooted in women's culture and experience but applicable to all of society, women and men alike." — Diana Sheridan, Associate Director, Center for the Study of Women in Society, University of Oregon

"Betty Reardon's voice comes through in this book so strongly and so clearly. Her work is a breath of fresh air in contrast to the over-intellectualized and off-putting self importance of so much contemporary academic writing. I also appreciate the ways she weaves together very diverse historical events into a colorful and complex tapestry."— Leslie Scott, Peace Studies, University of Oregon