Women's Spiritual Leadership in Africa

Tempered Radicals and Critical Servant Leaders

By Faith Wambura Ngunjiri

Subjects: African Studies, Leadership Studies, Women's Studies
Paperback : 9781438429762, 259 pages, January 2011
Hardcover : 9781438429779, 259 pages, February 2010

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Table of contents

Acknowledgments 1. Contextual and Conceptual Framework

2. Theoretical Framework

3. Setting the Stage for Leadership Stories

4. Participant Snapshots

5. Muthoni Gachanja Likimani: Warrior Historian

6. Jeniffer Riria: Economic Justice Advocate

7. Judy Thongori: Women’s Rights Advocate

8. Priscilla Nangurai: Warrior for Girls’ Education

9. Esther Mombo: Ecclesial Gender Equity Advocate

10. Agnes Chepkwony Abuom: Peace Advocate

11. Wahu Kaara: Critical Prophetic Leadership

12. Tempered Radicals: Rocking the Boat without Falling Out

13. Critical Servant Leadership: Finding Fulfillment in Serving Humanity

14. Spirituality and Leadership

15. Convergence: Spirited Leadership


Inspiring portraits of contemporary African women leaders.


Women's Spiritual Leadership in Africa offers portraits of sixteen African women in leadership positions in grassroots, national, Pan African and global organizations, and explores how they choose to "rock the boat without falling out" by transforming their communities and organizations from within. In her analysis of the women leaders' experiences, Faith Ngunjiri demonstrates how these African women navigate cultural and organizational challenges, including the intersecting oppressions of gender, ethnicity, class, and marital status, in order to act boldly against social and economic injustices. Ngunjiri characterizes the women as "critical servant leaders" because of their approach to leadership, where they lead through service while deconstructing patriarchal social and institutional practices and providing positive alternatives. The women's tempered radicalism and servant leadership is deeply informed by African and Christian spirituality, which animates and informs their lives and leadership experiences. Collectively, the women's stories present an important and inspiring vision of contemporary women's leadership in African contexts.

Faith Wambura Ngunjiri is Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership at Eastern University.