Servant-Leadership, Feminism, and Gender Well-Being

How Leaders Transcend Global Inequities through Hope, Unity, and Love

Edited by Jiying Song, Joe Walsh, Kae Reynolds, Jennifer Tilghman-Havens, Shann Ray Ferch, and Larry C. Spears

Subjects: Leadership Studies, Business Administration, Management, Feminist, Education Policy And Leadership
Hardcover : 9781438490175, 504 pages, September 2022
Paperback : 9781438490168, 504 pages, March 2023

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Table of contents

List of Illustrations

Foreword: Servant-Leadership and Equality
Larry C. Spears

Preface: Servant-Leadership: A Holistic Life
Jiying Song and Shann Ray Ferch

Introduction: Servant-Leadership and Breaking Free of Gendered Categorizations
Joe Walsh, Kae Reynolds, and Jennifer Tilghman-Havens

Section I: The Feminist Essence of Servant-Leadership

1. The Poetry of Servant-Leadership: I Walked This Earth
Patricia Valdés

2. The Poetry of Servant-Leadership: You Like to Fly at Night . . .
Nadine Chapman

3. Servant-Leadership: A Feminist Perspective
Kae Reynolds

4. Servant First or Survival First? How Servant-Leaders Lead during COVID-19
Jiying Song

5. The Women’s Project—A Power Balance Issue in the Core of a Spanish Feminist Organization: A Case Study Inquiry through the Lens of Servant-Leadership and Feminism
Carla Penha-Vasconcelos

6. Eros and Logos: Servant-Leadership, Feminism, Poetry, and the Critical Unities of Gender Well-Being
Shann Ray Ferch

7. The Will to (Share) Power: Privilege, Possibility, and the Servant-Leader
Jennifer Tilghman-Havens

Section II: The Courageous Wholeness of Servant-Leadership

8. Do Women Stand Back to Move Forward? Gender Differences in Top US Business Leaders’ Messages of Servant-Leadership
Kae Reynolds

9. A Poetics of Servant-Leadership
Nadine Chapman

10. He Named Me Malala: Malala’s Voice, Vision, and Leadership
Carla Penha-Vasconcelos

11. An Evaluation of Moonlight’s Intersectional Pedagogy: How Does Identity Affect Leadership?
Matthew Williams

12. The Leadership Philosophy of Mary Parker Follett (1868–1933)
Judy I. Caldwell and Carolyn Crippen

13. Can I Be Fearless?
Margaret Wheatley

14. Prophetic Story Weaving and Truth Telling: On the Road to Servant-Leadership in Smoke Signals
Erin Davis

Section III: The Spiritual Beauty of Servant-Leadership

15. Selma: An Exploration of the Womanist Lens and the Servant-Leader
Carmen dela Cruz

16. Servant-Leadership: A Brief Look at Love and the Organizational Perspective
Kathleen Patterson

17. Clara Voce—The Greeting of Heart and Spirit
Marcia Newman

18. Spiritual Capital: Keynote Address, 2005 International Servant-Leadership Conference
Danah Zohar

19. Modesty in Leadership: A Study of the Level-Five Leader
Lucia M. Hamilton and Charlotte M. Knoche

20. Servant-Leadership as a Cornerstone for Restoration of Human Dignity
José Hernández

21. Greenleaf ’s Servant-Leadership and Quakerism: A Nexus
Carolyn Crippen

Section IV: The Art and Science of Servant-Leadership

22. The Significance of Foresight in Vision and Narrative Leadership
Lyna M. Matesi

23. Exploring the Intersection of Servant-Leadership and Interpersonal Neurobiology: Hope for Deep-Rooted Mental and Behavioral Transformation
Faith Renae Regh Gilbert

24. Vision and Poetry
Nadine Chapman

25. The Poetry of Servant-Leadership: What Is This Passion for Journey
Nadine Chapman

26. The Poetry of Servant-Leadership: They

Patricia Valdés

About the Editors

Combines servant-leadership and feminism into a new understanding of leadership.


In a world where leaders and organizations face global pandemics and power conflicts, gender dualism still prevails, and gender stereotyping and the glass ceiling continue to affect humanity's conceptualizations of leadership. How can we integrate the lost aspects of ourselves, often socialized by gender, so as to recover wholeness? How can we discern and develop the feminine and masculine within every leader? Servant-Leadership, Feminism, and Gender Well-Being offers grace, strength, and hope by providing evidence of servant-leaders crossing gender boundaries and integrating gendered traits and behaviors. Feminist ways of knowing, honoring both feminine and masculine giftedness, deepen the holistic foundation of servant-leadership. By integrating female perspectives with male perspectives, a paradigm shift in leadership theory through avenues inherent to servant-leadership can move organizations from hierarchy-driven, rules-based, and authoritative models to value-driven, follower-oriented, and participative models.

Jiying Song is Assistant Professor of Business and Economics at Northwestern College. Joe Walsh is a doctoral candidate at Gonzaga University. Kae Reynolds is Lecturer in Strategy and Leadership at the University of the West of Scotland. Jennifer Tilghman-Havens is the Executive Director of the Center for Jesuit Education at Seattle University. Shann Ray Ferch is Professor of Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University. Larry C. Spears is Servant-Leadership Scholar at Gonzaga University and President of The Spears Center for Servant-Leadership. Song, Ferch, and Spears are coeditors, with Dung Q. Tran, of Servant-Leadership and Forgiveness: How Leaders Help Heal the Heart of the World (also published by SUNY Press) and, with Philip Mathew, of Global Servant-Leadership: Wisdom, Love, and Legitimate Power in the Age of Chaos.


"This book covers servant-leadership from a variety of perspectives—personal, poetic, and research-based—to give readers a broadened worldview as to who practices servant-leadership and how. It's going to be a wonderful addition to the leadership literature!" — Faith Wambura Ngunjiri, author of Women's Spiritual Leadership in Africa: Tempered Radicals and Critical Servant Leaders