SUNY series in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art

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Thinking the Limits of the Body

Shows the inseparability of textuality, materiality, and history in discussions of the body.

Between Ethics and Aesthetics

Rethinks the existing definitions of aesthetics and ethics and the relations between them.

Suffering Witness

Conceptualizes the question of witness and responsibility, following the Holocaust, using continental philosophy, theology, and literary theory.

The Future of Art

Draws upon a wide range of aesthetic theories and artworks in order to challenge the view that art is valueless or purely subjective.

Reclaiming the Spiritual in Art

Examines the role of the sacred in art and makes a compelling case for its continued contemporary relevance.

Shattered Forms

Art Brut, also termed Outsider Art, has long been suppressed from most art historical writing. Why this rejection? The hyperbolic expressions of Romanticism and Symbolism nourished a desire for derangement ...

Contextual Authority and Aesthetic Truth

This book explores the relationship between authority and context and attempts to establish the ways in which authority is a function of a particular agent or set of agents, and the degree to which it ...

The Value(s) of Literature

Discusses the ethical aspects of literature.

The Aesthetics of Excess

This book investigates the reciprocal and often transgressive relations between rhetorical figures and libidinal activity. The works of Nietzsche, Artaud, Bataille, Klossowski, and Sade are reconsidered ...