SUNY series in Computer-Mediated Communication

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The Internet in the Middle East

A surprising look at how the Internet does, and does not, affect public discourse and social practice in the Middle East and Kuwait in particular.

Culture, Technology, Communication

Provides cross-cultural perspectives on computer-mediated communication.

Electronic Discourse

Investigates the new world of computer conferencing and details how writers use language when their social interaction is exclusively enacted through text on screens.

Computer Networking and Scholarly Communication in the Twenty-First-Century University

This book explores the various ways in which computer networking, and more specifically the Internet, is changing the practices, the structure, and the products of academic scholarship. It considers research, ...

Philosophical Perspectives on Computer-Mediated Communication

The rush to the Information Superhighway and the transition to an Information Age have enormous political, ethical, and religious consequences. The essays collected here develop both interdisciplinary ...