SUNY series in Japan in Transition

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Fanning the Flames

A fascinating look at fans of a variety of popular culture phenomena in Japan.

Demographic Change and the Family in Japan's Aging Society

A demographic and ethnographic exploration of how the aging Japanese society is affecting the family.

Teachers' Unions and the Politics of Education in Japan

A study of Japan's powerful teachers' unions, including an in-depth look at the schism of the largest union in 1989.

Men of Uncertainty

A fascinating exploration of the subculture of Japanese day laborers, whose lives depart radically from the traditions of stability Westerners associate with Japan.

Taming Oblivion

Examines the cultural construction of senility in Japan and the moral implications of dependent behavior for older Japanese.

The Culture of Japan as Seen through Its Leisure

Provides a wealth of information about leisure activities in Japan including sports, travel, theater, music, games, and gambling.

Intergenerational Programs

Provides a rarely-seen portrait of intergenerational programs in Japan, including an overview of similar programs in the United States, of growing interest as our population ages.