Ottoman Studies

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Educational Oases in the Desert

By Jonathan Sciarcon
Subjects: History

A history of the French schools that pioneered female education in Ottoman Iraq's Jewish communities.

Ottoman Medicine

First work in English devoted to medicine in the Ottoman world.

A Neighborhood in Ottoman Istanbul

A detailed history of a small neighborhood community of Ottoman Istanbul.

Merchants, Mamluks, and Murder

A historiography of Ottoman Basra, a trade center in the eighteenth century.

State, Society, and Law in Islam

By Haim Gerber
Subjects: Area Studies

This book explores the legal structure of the Ottoman Empire between the sixteenth and early nineteenth centuries and examines its association with the Empire's sociopolitical structure. The author's ...

Ottoman Seapower and Levantine Diplomacy in the Age of Discovery

This work reframes sixteenth-century history , incorporating the Ottoman empire more thoroughly into European, Asian and world history. It analyzes the Ottoman Empire's expansion eastward in the contexts ...