Agricultural Economics

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Globalizing Organic

By Rafi Grosglik
Subjects: Sociology

Traces how alternative food movements are affected by global and local trends, with a focus on how organic agriculture was integrated in Israel.

California Dreaming

Multidisciplinary study of the citrus industry in Palestine before World War II.

Contesting Agriculture

Examines the privatization of agriculture in eastern Germany since 1989.

Landholding and Commercial Agriculture in the Middle East

This book traces the evolution of Ottoman agriculture from commercialization of the rural peasant households into global networks of production and trade. It re-evaluates the significance attached to ...

Culture and Context in Sudan

This book illustrates that external factors, especially international political processes interacting with large-scale ecological and demographic changes, are the primary cause of problems experienced ...

The Redivision of Labor

How does economic development affect women in Latin America? This work examines the different ways that economic and social relations between the sexes are redefined in Guatemala as capitalist expansion ...