Gerontology/Aging Studies

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Relates how the self-direction movement was developed, the research that supports it, how the model has spread across the country and the globe, and recommendations and prospects for the future.

Elder Care Journey

Combining expert knowledge and first-hand experience, a noted elder care researcher confronts the long-distance care of her own mother.

Aging by the Book

Uncovers the origins of midlife anxiety in Victorian print culture.

New Directions in Old-Age Policies

Provides a comprehensive assessment of the political environment and the state of old-age policy and politics and discusses specific, realistic policy options for the future.

Eldercare, Distributive Justice, and the Welfare State

The essays in this book describe the situation of the elderly today, taking into account the major political, economic, and social variations of service provided in a variety of countries. Although the ...

Research on Adulthood and Aging

By borrowing from a wide range of disciplines such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry, and the humanities, this book gives a more "human," personal voice to the many experiences of aging. ...

Religion and Aging in the Indian Tradition

The manner of aging is a cultural construct and there is a specifically Indian way of aging. That way is shown in this book through the anlyses of key concepts--aging (jara), stages of life (asarama), ...