Foundations of Education

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Deweyan Inquiry

Presents John Dewey’s theory of inquiry and applies it to various areas of the primary, middle, and secondary school curricula.

The Politics of Inquiry

Argues against the “culture of science” currently dominating education discourse and in favor of a more critical understanding of various modes of inquiry.

A Measure of Failure

Asks how and why standardized tests have become the ubiquitous standard by which educational achievement and intelligence are measured.

Educating for Human Rights and Global Citizenship

Edited by Ali A. Abdi & Lynette Shultz
Subjects: Education

Essays that highlight the role of education in bringing about inclusive citizenship and human rights norms.

Teacher and Comrade

By Alan Wieder
Subjects: Education

A biographical/narrative study of oppression, racism, and resistance in twentieth-century South Africa through the life of Richard Dudley, a teacher/politico.

Free School Teaching

Chronicles the author’s personal and professional journey within the American educational system.

Democratic Education Stretched Thin

Argues that the complexity of our pluralistic social world demands an enriched conception of democratic education.

A Level Playing Field

Examines the legal and political details of school funding reform in New York, Vermont, and Ontario.

John Dewey and Our Educational Prospect

Edited by David T. Hansen
Subjects: Education

The first book-length study of Dewey’s extraordinary text.

Caring in an Unjust World

Looks at the ways in which social structures and relationships within schools define, enable, or constrain an ethic of caring, especially for historically marginalized groups of students.