Philosophy and Biology

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Germs of Death

An analysis of Derrida’s early work engaging Plato, Hegel, and the life sciences.


Analyzes Derrida’s 1975 seminar “La vie la mort” as a deconstruction of biology with relevance to his work more broadly.

Reproduction, Race, and Gender in Philosophy and the Early Life Sciences

Investigates the impact of theories of reproduction and heredity on the emerging concepts of race and gender at the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth centuries.

Hans Jonas's Ethic of Responsibility

Articulates the fundamental importance of ontology to Hans Jonas’s environmental ethics.

Leaving Us to Wonder

Explores the larger social, political, and philosophical contexts in which the current vitriolic science vs. anti-science debates occur.

Owning the Genome

A clear, introductory overview of the issues surrounding gene patenting.

Function, Selection, and Design

A complete sourcebook for philosophical discussion of the nature of function in biology.

The Natural Selection of Autonomy

Challenges the deep traditional assumption that autonomy, morality, and moral responsibility are uniquely human characteristics.

Reason, Regulation, and Realism

This book develops a new naturalist theory of reason and scientific knowledge from a synthesis of philosophy and the new sciences of complex adaptive systems. In particular, the theory of partially self-organizing ...

A Practical Philosophy for the Life Sciences

This book integrates philosophy of biology and philosophy of medicine with the purpose of making philosophy practical for students and scientists. It contains many exercises and examples from live science. ...

History and Evolution

The studies of evolutionary biology and of human history face the same kinds of problems and deal with the same processes. Both disciplines deal with similar questions in similar ways, but do the methods ...

The Sociobiological Imagination

This book presents reports on the uses of sociobiology and general evolutionary theory by members of diverse disciplines: psychiatry, law, management theory, anthropology, economics, primatology, history, ...

Nature in Asian Traditions of Thought

Here, Western environmental philosophers and some of our most distinguished representatives of Asian and comparative philosophy critically consider what Asia has to offer.

The first section provides an ...

The Structure of Biological Theories

The central thesis of this book is that the semantic conception is a logical methodologically and heuristically richer and more accurate account of scientific theorizing, and in particular of theorizing ...

Philosophy of Biology Today

This short and highly accessible volume opens up the subject of the philosophy of biology to professionals and to students in both disciplines. The text covers briefly and clearly all of the pertinent ...