Political Sociology

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The Illusion of Freedom and Equality

Explores how Enlightenment values have been transformed in a technological civilization.

Impossible Democracy

Explores how community action programs used federal funds to sponsor social protest–based community reform.

Life in the White House

Edited by Robert P. Watson
Subjects: Politics And Law

Interdisciplinary essays on the White House and the lives of first families.

Globalization, Technology, and Philosophy

Confronts globalization and technology from philosophical perspectives.

Linked Arms

Shows how a rural group used civil disobedience to defy the nuclear industry and governmental authority, preventing the building of a nuclear dump in western New York.

Beyond the Power Mystique

Locating power within the symbolic interactionist framework, this book permeates much of the mystique shrouding "power" and examines the ways in which notions of power, control, influence and the like are brought into human existence.

The Changing Agenda of Israeli Sociology

Offers the first systematic and comprehensive overview of sociological thought in Israel, and pleads for a new agenda that would shift the focus from nation building to democratic and egalitarian citizenship formation.