Contemplative Studies

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The Contemplative Foundations of Classical Daoism

Brings early Daoist writings into conversation with contemporary contemplative studies.

Tuning the Student Mind

Explores the effectiveness and value of meditation in a college classroom.

Catalyzing the Field

A rich collection of essays about the inner, shared experiences of participants engaged in second-person approaches to contemplative practice.

Platonic Mysticism

Restores the Platonic history and context of mysticism and shows how mysticism helps us understand more deeply the humanities as a whole, from philosophy and literature to art.

The Intersubjective Turn

Examines key theoretical aspects of the emerging field of second-person contemplative education.

Art as Contemplative Practice

Art as yoga and meditation for artists, contemplative practitioners, art educators, and art therapists.

New World Dharma

By Trevor Carolan
Foreword by Susan Moon
Subjects: Buddhism

Interviews and profiles of spiritual and cultural figures influenced by Buddhism.

Contemplative Literature

Edited by Louis Komjathy
Subjects: Religion

An anthology of primary texts on meditation and contemplative prayer from a wide range of religious traditions.

Contemplative Learning and Inquiry across Disciplines

A wide-ranging consideration of the emerging field of contemplative education.

The Pursuit of Wisdom and Happiness in Education

Explores the nature and role of wisdom in education.

Thinking through Thomas Merton

By Robert Inchausti
Subjects: Religion

Considers the legacy of Thomas Merton and his relevance for contemporary times.

Meditation and the Classroom

A ground-breaking book on using meditation in education and how it can enhance teaching and learning.

Education and the Soul

With emphasis on preparing students for jobs, standards, and achievement testing, many think that North American education has become inwardly deadening, yet this book provides a counterbalance as it offers a way to nurture the soul in classrooms and schools.