A Good Little School

By Carole G. Basile
Foreword by John I. Goodlad

Subjects: School Change And Reform, Education
Paperback : 9780791458921, 184 pages, February 2004
Hardcover : 9780791458914, 184 pages, February 2004

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Table of contents




1. Humanity and Jefferson County Open School

2. The Critical Nature of Mission

3. The Wholistic Nature of Schooling

4. The Power of the Personal

5. Learning as a Passion

6. Belonging and Sense of Community

7. Global Citizenship

8. Life-Long Learning

9. Looking to the Future





An inspiring story of the student-centered learning that can take place in a democratic, caring school.


A Good Little School pays homage to Jefferson County Open School, a public school of choice with a thirty-year history of providing an alternative education for students in K-12. Chronicled in this book are the personal experiences and anecdotes of teachers, parents, and students within the school, and how their contributions make it unique. In so doing, these reflections demonstrate to others that there is more to education than conventional subject areas such as math and reading. Also examined are the ways in which the school preserves the core elements that support the students' best personal, social, and intellectual interests. These self-reflective accounts create a learning environment with humanity at the center, giving students the skills necessary to lead compassionate lives.

Carole G. Basile is Assistant Professor and Division Coordinator of Initial Professional Teacher Education at the University of Colorado at Denver. She is the coauthor (with Cameron White and Stacey Robinson) of Awareness to Citizenship: Environmental Literacy for the Elementary Child and (with Fred Collins and Jennifer Gillespie-Malone) of Nature at Your Doorstep: Real World Investigations for Primary Students.