Intellectual Capital

The Intangible Assets of Professional Development Schools

Edited by Carole G. Basile

Subjects: Education, Educational Administration, Higher Education
Paperback : 9781438426624, 154 pages, July 2010
Hardcover : 9781438426617, 154 pages, July 2009

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Table of contents

Lee Teitel
1. Intellectual Capital and Professional Development Schools
Carole Basile
2. Managing Knowledge in Professional Development Schools
Carole Basile
3. The Principal’s Role in Knowledge Management
Cindy Gutierrez and Susan Field
4. Building External Capital Reaching Out to the Community
Enrichment Through the Fifth Dimension
Honorine Nocon
The Prompt & Present Club
Denise Kale and Donna Sobel
Connecting the Community Through Literacy
Flo Olson, Heidi Bulmahn Barker, and Mike McGuffee
Community Reading Partnership
Betty C. deBaca and Donna Sobel
A Legacy Can Really Make a Difference
Sherry Taylor
The Impact of External Capital
5. Building Internal Capital Developing Systems for Managing Knowledge
Systems for Growing Our Own
Kathy Prior and John Simmons
Designing Systems for Technology Integration
John Ackelson, Marilyn McIntyre, and Pat Toomey
Developing Systems for Common Assessment
Beth Hays and Christine McConnell
Building Systems for a Community of Practice
Jane Tarkington and Phillip A. White
Evolving Roles: Relationships and Policy
Heidi Bulmahn Barker and Caron A. Westland
The Impact of Internal Capital
6. Building Human Capital: Creating Lifelong Learners
A Middle School Study Group That Works
Kelli Varney and Rick VanDeWeghe
Ready for Life, Ready for School
Oscar Joseph III
Native Language to English: A Transition for Everyone
Maria Uribe
Action Research Teams for Student Learning
Stephanie Townsend and Linda Rickert
The Impact of Human Capital
7. Changing School Culture
Becoming a Professional Development School
Stan Kyed and Mike Marlow
Changing the Culture of a School
Jennifer Weese and Bill Munsell
8. Lessons Learned and Building Intellectual Capital
Carole Basile and Deanna Sands

Stories from participants in Professional Development Schools.


A Professional Development School (PDS) offers unique university-school relationships that can change the culture of learning and add value to students and the community. Initially created in the 1980s, the PDS movement is growing across the country and is now a respected teacher education model. In this book, Carole G. Basile has collected stories written by people connected to the University of Colorado Denver, which has one of the longest-standing PDS partnerships (established in 1993). The site professors, site coordinators, teachers, and others describe in engaging detail the work they do and its impact. By providing a framework situated in the notion of intellectual capital, PDS faculty from the university and K–12 share how the PDS model adds value to schools and students.

Carole G. Basile is Associate Professor of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver and the Codirector of the Rocky Mountain Middle School Math and Science Partnership. She is the author of A Good Little School, also published by SUNY Press, and the coauthor (with Cameron White and Stacey Robinson) of Awareness to Citizenship: Environmental Literacy for the Elementary Child.


"Basile treats her readers to powerful perspectives and testimony about the realities of meaningful university-school relationships … a must read for all teacher educators and public school administrators and teachers … Highly recommended. " — CHOICE