School Change and Reform

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California in a Time of Excellence

Follows California’s efforts at reforming the public school system from 1983 to the present.

Meaningful Urban Education Reform

Summarizes findings of a long-term study of math and science education reforms in Chicago, El Paso, Memphis, and Miami.

Talking about a Revolution

Analyzes how teachers attempt to translate the language of reform into pedagogical action.

A Good Little School

By Carole G. Basile
Foreword by John I. Goodlad
Subjects: Education

An inspiring story of the student-centered learning that can take place in a democratic, caring school.

Balancing Acts

Offers surprising insights into the complex worlds of women principals.

The Dimensions of Time and the Challenge of School Reform

Rather than simply lamenting that there is never enough time in the school day, this book looks at the dimensions of time as a significant factor in the success and failure of many of today’s school reform efforts.

The New Insecurity

Examines the impact of the loss of expectations of permanent employment and enduring family relationships on individuals today and explores how changes in the collective endeavor to provide security could help.

Lessons from Restructuring Experiences

Describes the process of collaborative educational reform in the context of the professional development school model. First-person stories describe how "reformed" schools and universities look and assess the impact of such reform on students, teachers, and colleges of education.

Coordination Among Schools, Families, and Communities

Addresses a relatively new emphasis in the educational reform movement, the attempt to improve linkages between schools, families, and communities in the delivery of support services to children.

Becoming Women/Becoming Workers

This book traces the experiences of young French and Algerian women students in a Parisian vocational school—how they negotiate their class, gender, and ethnic/racial identities in relation to school, ...