SUNY series, Power, Social Identity, and Education

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Late to Class

Looks at the educational experiences of poor, working class, and middle class students against the backdrop of complicated class stratification in a shifting global economy.

Making Modern Lives

Examines the effects of schooling on young people’s values, choices, and identities.

Culturally Contested Pedagogy

Advocates for a greater cultural understanding of minority beliefs in literacy education and a more critical examination of mainstream instructional practices.

Meaningful Urban Education Reform

Summarizes findings of a long-term study of math and science education reforms in Chicago, El Paso, Memphis, and Miami.

Constructing Race

For modern urban South African youth, the concept of "race" persists and falters.

Working at the Margins

Uses case study narratives of marginalized adults in evaluating the move from welfare to work.

Canal Town Youth

A poignant study of how a group of poor white urban youth find respite from poverty, violence, and racism in a local community center.

Codes and Contradictions

This in-depth look at a diverse group of young women at an alternative high school illuminates issues of race, class, gender, and identity formation, and shows the enormous power of schools to re-orient young women from school failure to success.

The Citizen Factory

A vivid ethnography of a group of students training to become schoolteachers in Bolivia and the challenges they face as they try to maintain their indigenous identity.

Ethnic Identity and Power

A stimulating comparative examination of the educational ramifications of cultural identity, with implications for public policy.

Constructing Female Identities

An insightful, and often surprising, look at adolescent girls' socialization in a historically elite, private, single-sex high school.

Beyond Black and White

Dedicated to a better understanding of the diversity of children being taught in American public schools, this book includes the experiences of groups (e.g. Haitians, Dominicans, Indians, and Vietnamese) not often represented even in the multicultural education literature. It also includes the experiences of often marginalized groups such as lesbians and gays, Appalachians, and white working class males.

Making and Molding Identity in Schools

Delves into the lives and words of adolescents to examine how they assert their ethnic and racial identities within school settings.

The Cultural Production of the Educated Person

Examines the ways in which cultural practices and knowledges are produced in and out of schools around the world.

Becoming Women/Becoming Workers

This book traces the experiences of young French and Algerian women students in a Parisian vocational school—how they negotiate their class, gender, and ethnic/racial identities in relation to school, ...