SUNY series in Women in Education

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Breaking into the All-Male Club

Women professors of educational administration share their personal stories of being female firsts.

On Spiritual Strivings

Offers both a theoretical and concrete example of what W. E. B. Du Bois called “spiritual strivings. ”

Performing and Reforming Leaders

Explores the issues inherent in critical and postmodern feminism in educational leadership.

Reconsidering Feminist Research in Educational Leadership

A critical reflection on the field of feminist research in educational leadership.

Women and School Leadership

International in scope, this is an unprecedented compilation of current theories and perspectives on women and leadership issues in schools at all levels.

Coloring outside the Lines

Presents new practices and ideas for mentoring women for school leadership positions.

Principles of Power

Shares perspectives from twelve successful women school superintendents.

Balancing Acts

Offers surprising insights into the complex worlds of women principals.

Sacred Dreams

Offers practical advice and research results on women school superintendents, a field traditionally dominated by men.