Africa Through Ghanaian Lenses

Edited by Samuel E. Quainoo

Subjects: African Studies, Political Science
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781586840235, 289 pages, January 2004

Table of contents

1. Of Democratic Transitions and Consolidation in Africa: Ghana and Zambia in Comparative Perspective
S. E. Quainoo
2. An Overview of Local Government Experience in Ghana
Joseph R. A. Ayee
3. Election Monitoring in Ghana: A Case for Domestic Monitors and Observers
Kwame Boafo-Arthur
4. Ghana’s Election 2000: Coming to Terms with Democratic Consolidation?
Kwame Boafo-Arthur
5. Trans-African Slave Trade and Its Impact on African Development
N. J. K. Brukum
6. Ethnic Conflicts in Northern Ghana, 1980-1999: An Appraisal
N. J. K. Brukum
7. Gender and Democratization in Africa
Beatrix Allah-Mensah
8. The Youth, Democracy, and Governance in Ghana
Beatrix Allah-Mensah
9. Ghana’s Culture: Past and Present
E. H. Mends
10. New Religious Movements in Ghana
Elorn Dovlo
11. Religion and Politics in Africa: The Ghanaian Case
Elom Dovlo
12. The State of Women in Public Life in Ghana—An Overview
Hamida M. Harrison
13. Retirement and Poverty Among the Ages in Africa—The Ghanaian Experience
R. Akuamoah-Boateng
14. Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises in Ghana
Joseph R. A. Ayee
15. Industrial Development in Ghana
Yaw Asante

A collection of lectures delivered during the Fulbright Hays Scholar program in Ghana.


Africa Through Ghanaian Lenses is a compilation of lectures delivered by academics and government officials of Ghana during the Fulbright Hays Scholar program in Ghana. The articles critically discuss historical as well as contemporary issues of Ghana in particular and Africa in general. This project was made possible through grants for the Fulbright Hays program through the United States Department of Education.

Samuel E. Quainoo is Professor of Political Science and Director of the Frederick Douglass Institute of East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of Transitions and Consolidation of Democracy in Africa, also published by SUNY Press.