International Librarianship

Developing Professional, Intercultural, and Educational Leadership

Edited by Constantia Constantinou, Michael J. Miller, and Kenneth Schlesinger

Subjects: Education, Education Policy And Leadership, Educational Administration, Educational Research
Series: SUNY Press Open Access
Paperback : 9781438463667, 188 pages, January 2018
Hardcover : 9781438463674, 188 pages, February 2017

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Table of contents

List of Illustrations

Loriene Roy

Editors’ Introduction

Academic Exchanges

The Toronto–Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration Library Science Program: A Case Study in Global Librarianship in Ethiopia
Sandra Kendall

Connecting with the University of Hong Kong for Program and Professional Development
Lesley S. J. Farmer

The CUNY-Shanghai Library Faculty Exchange Program: Participants Remember, Reflect, and Reshape
Sheau-yueh J. Chao, Beth Evans, Ryan Phillips, Mark Aaron Polger, Beth Posner, and Ellen Sexton
Fulbright Experiences

Transcending Ethnic, Racial, and Political Conflict to Achieve Understanding between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot Library Communities
Constantia Constantinou

The Unfinished Work: Organizational Democracy
John Lubans, Jr.

Librarians Building Digital Learning Objects Supporting Cultural Understanding: The Fulbright-Hays Seminar Abroad in Morocco and Tunisia
Michael J. Miller

Cape Crusade: Building the Steve Biko Centre’s Library and Archive in South Africa’s Eastern Cape
Kenneth Schlesinger

Information Literacy And Access

Together We Are Better: International Collaboration Supporting Information Access in the Dominican Republic
Loida Garcia-Febo and Adriana McCleer

How Do You Say “Penguin” in K’aqchikel? Promoting Literacy in Guatemala
Stephen E. Stratton

International Partnerships

Building Capacity for International Librarianship through Intercultural Professional Partnerships and Civil Society Outreach in Tanzania
Chantal Phillips

Partnering in International Library Development: Lubuto Library Project, Zambia Library Service, and Zambia’s Ministry of Education
Elizabeth Cramer

Training Models

Peace Corps Training for Sustainable Library Development Projects
Marcy Carrel


Demonstrates the impact of global education partnerships related to information access.


International librarianship stems from a desire to bring about political change, transcultural understanding, collaboration, and mutual respect. Historically, librarians have been deeply involved with challenging issues of information sharing, equity in information access, and bridging the digital divide between different socioeconomic communities. This collection draws on case studies from American librarians who traveled to Central America, the Caribbean, Central Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean, and Asia to participate in librarian-initiated and sponsored projects. They united communities, promoted religious and cultural tolerance, developed new facilities, or enhanced existing libraries and archives, thereby enriching communities with resources, professional expertise, new partnerships, and sustainable development practices. International Librarianship offers insight into how these experiences might serve as templates and promote best practices in collaborations within the library profession in the United States and abroad, and it also demonstrates how international experiences can enliven home institutions upon return.

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Constantia Constantinou is Dean of University Libraries at Stony Brook University, State University of New York. Michael J. Miller is Chief Librarian at Bronx Community College, City University of New York. Kenneth Schlesinger is Chief Librarian at Lehman College, City University of New York, and coeditor (with Robert Farrell) of Managing in the Middle: The Librarian's Handbook.


"With its concrete, real-world examples from librarians with substantial cultural and professional experiences, this book is an outstanding resource for librarians aspiring to engage in librarianship across the borders. It will also serve as a valuable text for graduate courses. " — Tim J. Zou, University of Arkansas Libraries