Circular Migrations


By Brenda Bufalino

Subjects: Poetry
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337565, 97 pages, January 2011

Table of contents

Digging Deep

In Clay
In Mud
In Mind

The Mind Dream Dancing

It’s Not What You Think
I Found You
Ravens Song*
Under The Green Light*

How It Was When I Woke Up

On My Back Porch
Al Buff1
Marjorie Lena
His Hands

The Minstrel’s Circular Migrations*

Dancing My Dance
The Mocking Bird
The First Migration
He Flies She Flies
A Friendly Talk
Racing Pigeon’s Preparation
The Race

Coming Home

Open Doors
Living In Air
First Sight
Second Sight
Coming Home
What Awaits
The Feeder

The Diary Of Samuel And Rosalie*
The Opening
The Hiding
The Playing
The Seeing Song
The March

The Visitor
Ancient Memories

By The River

Letting Go
Some Rain
Blue Heron Flies*
Dance Against the Wind

The Climb To Gertrude’s Nose*

Circle Dance
First Walk
Second Walk
Long Shadows
Third Walk
The Long Sought Destination
Waiting Warriors
The Return

Herself When Almost Done

The Secret
It’s Time

Poetry that helps to explore the details of life.


From "My Back Porch"

I could make a picture book
with cut-outs pop-outs and load-ins
of Burrill Street long as a cobra
snaking from above the train station
all the way down past the monument
to Kings Beach

Circular Migrations provides collections of poems that are weaved into a journey throughout the book. Each collection is like a mini-story that helps to explore the details of life, reminding us that sometimes it's the little things that are important.

Brenda Bufalino is a mixed-genre artist, choreographer, and tap dancer. She has performed her one-person shows internationally and has appeared as a guest soloist at Town Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Carnegie Hall in New York City and the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, as well as in major concert halls throughout America, Europe, Australia, and Israel. As artistic director/choreographer of the American Tap Dance Orchestra, she toured America and Europe with her company, and appeared at the Joyce Theatre and on PBS's "Great Performances … Tap Dance in America with Gregory Hines. " She is the author of Tapping the Source: Tap Dance Stories, Theory and Practice.