Eldercare, Distributive Justice, and the Welfare State

Retrenchment or Expansion

Edited by Derek G. Gill & Stanley R. Ingman

Subjects: Health Care
Series: SUNY series in the Political Economy of Health Care
Paperback : 9780791417669, 335 pages, February 1994
Hardcover : 9780791417652, 335 pages, February 1994

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Table of contents


1. Sweden: Ideals and Realities of Old Age Care in the Welfare State
Gerdt Sundstrom and Mats Thorslund
2. Long-Term Care for the Aged in Germany (FRG): Structure and Prospects
Martin Jaeckel
3. Coping with Unemployment and Poverty While Increasing Capital Accumulation: Social Policy in France during the 1980s
Isidor Wallimann
4. The Development of Geriatric Services for Elderly Icelanders: Pursuing Equity and Uniformity
G. Darryl Wieland
5. Switzerland: Social Policy and the Welfare State Crisis
Jean-Pierre Fragniere
6. Distributive Justice, Contradictions, and Rationality in Mature Capitalism: The Case of Health Care and Social Services for the Aged in Italy
Allessandro Bonanno and Toni M. Calasanti
7. The Elderly and the Social Policy in Poland: Stereotyping, Uncoordinated, and Over-Bureaucratic
Jozefina Hrynkiewicz, Joanna Starega-Piasek, and Jolanta Supinska
8. The Provision of Primary Health Care to the Elderly in the USSR: Problems and Their Solutions
Rustam R. Muzafarov and Ernest M. Kurleutov
9. The Political Economy Perspective of Health and Medical Care Policies for the Aged in Japan: Centering on the Decade of Free Medical Care Program for the Aged
Yasuhito Kinoshita
10. Health Care in Canada
Neena L. Chapell
11. Governmental Responsibility: Adequacy or Dependency for the USA Aged
Jon Hendricks


The essays in this book describe the situation of the elderly today, taking into account the major political, economic, and social variations of service provided in a variety of countries. Although the welfare state exists in all developed and developing countries, its content and administration varies substantially.

The editors first develop a framework of concepts and perspectives that establish links between eldercare, distributive justice, and the welfare state. This is followed by analyses of the services provided to the elderly in selected countries. Finally, the editors show how and in what ways the concepts developed earlier in the introduction—equity, uniformity, public accountability, individualism, collectivism, institutional or residual welfare state orientation, "high" or "low" wage economy—apply to and explain the differences in care of the elderly.

Derek G. Gill is Professor and Chair in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Stan Ingman is Director of the Texas Institute for Research and Education on Aging at the University of North Texas, Denton.


"This book successfully analyzes the themes of social policy, distributive justice, and old-age policies among a diverse number of nations. Both the introduction and epilogue integrate the chapters and highlight the differences and similarities. " — Laura Katz Olson, Lehigh University