Health Care

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Elder Care Journey

Combining expert knowledge and first-hand experience, a noted elder care researcher confronts the long-distance care of her own mother.

The Rise of Global Health

Chronicles the expanding global effort to confront public health challenges.

Fighting for Our Health

Insider Richard Kirsch offers a vivid, first-person account of how health care reform came to be.

Solving the Health Care Problem

Examines Australia and Canada to help explain why the United States provides less health care protection than other democratic nations.

Negotiating the Holistic Turn

Examines the growing popularity of alternative medicine as a personal health care option.

Philosophy of Nursing

Employs philosophy to help illuminate the nature of nursing and provide a holistic view of both nursing and persons.

Inside Nursing

By exploring and analyzing the experiences and impressions of nurses, Annette Fay Street provides an intimate account of clinical practice and what those experiences mean in the profession. She highlights ...

Scientific Knowledge in Controversy

Scientific Knowledge in Controversy: The Social Dynamics of the Fluoridation Debate is a study of today's most heated and long-lived health controversy as well as a study of the role of power in science. ...

Holistic Health and Biomedical Medicine

Holistic Health and Biomedical Medicine outlines a new framework for social science research. Illustrated in an analysis of the American health care system, Lyng presents an empirical study of the relationship ...