Under One Roof

Issues and Innovations in Shared Housing

Edited by George C. Hemmens, Charles J. Hoch, and Jana Carp

Subjects: Urban Sociology
Series: SUNY series in Urban Public Policy
Paperback : 9780791429068, 152 pages, July 1996
Hardcover : 9780791429051, 152 pages, July 1996

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Table of contents


1. Introduction

2. Shared Housing in Low Income Households
George Hemmens and Charles Hoch

3. Informal Additions to the U. S. Housing Stock: Changing Structures and Changing Uses
Anna Hardman

4. Housing Alternatives for New Forms of Households
Sherry Ahrentzen

5. Designing Women's Welfare: Home/Work
Jacqueline Leavitt

6. Lakefront SRO Corporation: Reviving Single-Room Occupancy Housing
Jean Butzen

7. Abbeyfield: Community-Based Shared Housing for the Elderly
Richard Biddlecombe

8. Zoning as a Tool for Shared Housing
Patricia Baron Pollak

9. The Trouble with Sharing
Peter Marris

10. Conclusion





Americans with changing lifestyles, nontraditional households, and special needs and interests are increasingly looking for alternatives to the single-family house, and especially for the opportunity to share housing with others for economic, social, and personal reasons. This book reviews the status of shared housing in the U. S. housing market, establishes a research and policy agenda on shared housing as a contribution to the national effort to improve housing affordability and quality, and argues for changing public policy to support it.

The book consists of original essays (by Anna Hardman, Sherry Ahrentzen, Jacqueline Leavitt, Jean Butzen, Richard Biddlecombe, Patricia Baron Pollak, Peter Marris, and the editors) on topics such as shared housing in low-income households; shared housing for the elderly; single-room occupancy housing; zoning as a tool for shared housing; and problems associated with shared housing. The authors argue convincingly that current housing policy and regulations, supported by popular opinion, greatly limit the development of multiple-dwelling houses, and they make the case that shared housing can provide an attractive option for low- and moderate-income families who cannot afford suburban homes during a period of economic recession and declining expectations.

At the University of Illinois at Chicago, George Hemmens is Professor in the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs and Co-Director of the City Design Center, College of Architecture and the Arts. At the University of Illinois at Chicago, Charles Hoch is Associate Professor, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs. At the University of Illinois at Chicago, Jana Carp is a doctoral student.


"This book offers intriguing stories and useful analysis about housing generally and housing for particular groups whose needs are often not well served by the market. It also addresses more fundamental questions regarding the culture, values, and politics of American society in general. The message that currently unconventional forms of housing can and do meet real needs, and that many forces restrict such housing development, is important. " — Gregory D. Squires, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

"This is a needed addition to the literature. Under One Roof covers an important issue that has gotten only cursory attention. " — Roger W. Caves, San Diego State University